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Flying Stinks!

I’m writing this from the Conch Flyer Restaurant at the airport in Key Restaurant (and yes, it IS just like the one where Crystal Bernard worked on the show WINGS), waiting to board my plane to Germany (well, to Miami, then to Germany) for my European book tour.

I have a sinus infection (apparently caught the last time I went on a plane, to Indiana), so I’m on antibiotics and steroids and those special decongestants you can now only get from behind the counter at the drugstore (and I had to give the cashier a note from my doctor to get more than the regular amount, since I’ll be gone for so long abroad, and they made me show my passport AND sign a book, so now I’m probably on some sort of Federal Watch list and may not even be let out of the country, for all I know).

But don’t worry, European readers, if they DO let me out, by the time my first event rolls around on March 16, I won’t be contagious anymore (everyone else on my plane: sorry).

I didn’t want to leave you all without any links for the weekend, though, so first, in case you hadn’t noticed, Janey has been hard at work—there’s a new contest for March/April!

Also, a sneak peek at Prom Nights From Hell, due out April 1, and Pants on Fire, due out May 1!

I have decided that there is only one part of flying that doesn’t suck, and that’s these cookies they’ve started handing out on Delta and American Airlines. They aren’t really cookies, they’re more like biscotti. They’re called Biscoff, and I’m addicted to them. The last time I flew (when I caught this benighted sinus thing) I noticed there was a website you could go to order them. So I did. And now I have a whole cookie jar of them in my house, and I can have Biscoff whenever I want!

If you want to die and go to heaven, here is a recipe for the most divine chocolate free dessert (for those of you who are migraine prone) of all time:

Take two Biscoff, lay flat
Place one scoop Vanilla Macadamia Brittle Haagen Dazs ice cream on one Biscoff
Place other Biscoff on top of ice cream
Gently squish together
Wrap tightly in wax paper
Freeze over night
Next day, consume

Oops, they are calling my flight. Next time I write, I’ll be in Germany (we’re going there first for a few days to visit friends, then off to Poland). Tschuss!

More later.

Much love,