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If you said Paris, France, you would be correct! I have been at signings at the Furet Du Nord bookstore in Lille, and at the Salon du Livres (Book Fair) in Paris.

It has been fantastique and I am tres fatiguer (did I mention I only speak un peu de Francais, and not all that all well? But I have rectified that problem by speaking English with a French accent, a habit He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog and Paris taxi drivers seem to find annoying, if not confusing).

I apologize for not having updated this diary in a while, but I have been too busy to figure out how to go online from my hotel. But I think I finally figured it out….

The signings in Leipzig went very well once the snow melted and people were finally able to come out of their homes and make it to the book fair! Many thanks from reader Patricia for the lovely letter (and the very fancy jar of Nutella)….

Princess in Leipzig….

I got to meet some great fellow authors in Leipzig, including Neil Gaiman, whose blog I have been reading forever because he has such awesome tips on it for writers (and readers)! It was funny, because I saw posters for his signings everywhere in Poland, then in Germany, where I met him, and then he left a signed copy of Anansi Boys for me at the Salon Du Livres! He is as fun in real life as he is online, and if you ever get the chance, you should see him live (and read his books, of course).

I had a fantastic signing at Furet De Nord, in Lille, where the staff gamely submitted to wearing tiaras and VIP (Very Important Princess!) T-shirts (as you can see):

(Note the camera in the corner: We were relentlessly stalked by paparazzi! They would not let us alone, even on the train back to Paris):

Ha! Kidding. The photo above was taken by HWSNBNITB. But I am posting it because it is a good example of how authors look post-Book Signing…kind of dazed.
(I do own more than one blazer, but I like that one….)

Later that night, I came alive again (and changed into a different outfit) when my publisher treated us to a wonderful dinner in a restaurant where the ceiling magically opened at random intervals to reveal the night sky and let in some fresh air, then just as magically closed again to look once more like an innocent ceiling:

My signing the next day at the Salon Du Livres, or Paris Book Fair, was wild. I signed from 2:30PM until 5PM straight, and was still signing as I walked out the doors! French readers are not shy about asking for autographs OR for kisses, which I loved.

I am completely exhausted now, but will try to rally my strength to give Paris a good shaking up. I haven’t been here in 20 years so I have a lot of eating–I mean sight-seeing–to do. I already got a head start in Lille:

Sadly, this is one souvenir I don’t think I will be allowed to bring home as part of my carry-on luggage.

Unless I buy it its own seat.

I guess will just have to start eating it now.

More later.

Much love,


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