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Beautiful Berlin

I’m in love.

I wanted this outfit so badly. Sadly, in Bavaria (which is where Munich is located) most, if not all, shops are closed on Sunday, which is the day I spied this lovely confection in a shop window on my way to the Munich Book Show.

And of course I flew to Berlin on Monday, before I got the chance to get back to the shop when it opened.

And so I was denied.

Life is so unfair.

All was not lost in Munich however! I had a fantastic time at the Munich Book Show, where I got to meet many lovely readers, including Stephanie (I hope I got the name right—in my excitement, I might have misremembered it) who brought me my own jar of Nutella, a godsend since my extremely luxurious hotel apparently looked down upon this humble treat and failed to provide it at its breakfast buffet…so thank you, Stephanie!

I should also mention that the Munich Book Show was held in the New Town Hall, which is the same building where one can witness the world famous Glockenspiel:

which went off at exactly twelve oh seven and a half, to everyone’s somewhat bewildered delight.

While we waited for the Glockenspiel to spring to life, we were entertained by these authentic Bavarian dancers, whom some of us at first mistook for the Von Trapp Family singers:

(PS I am sick of seeing me in the pink trench coat too. However, it is the only coat I brought with me, and it is, literally, FREEZING here. Today it snowed in Munich. But still. Even forty year old girls, they do get weary, wearing that same old….)

I am now in Berlin, a lovely and sophisticated city with beautiful canals and more excellent shopping (I don’t want to brag, but my ability to suss out the best streets for shopping WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING MY WAY AROUND OR SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE is uncanny. I am like a divining rod for shops. He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog said, “Let’s go this way,” and I said, “No. This way,” and soon we were on Fasanenstrasse, one of the most famous shopping streets in Berlin–also home of Literaturhaus, to which I would like to note I was not invited, but who cares about that when there’s SHOPPING)….

Except of course all the shops were all closed by the time I got there. So no new coat.

Meanwhile, my German publisher has dazzled me with so many meals and kindnesses it has quite gone to my head. I shall never be able to go back to my normal life at this point. Everywhere I turn…CAKE!

I hope those of you who are in Berlin on Wednesday will come see me between
4:30 and 7:00 PM at the Schwartzsche Villa Reading Festival
Grunewaldstr. 55
12165 Berlin
(Warning: I will be wearing my pink coat.)

Lastly, confession Time: I’ve started watching Gilmore Girls again. Obviously not NOW, since I’m in Europe, and it’s not on here, at least not in English (or at least not on any channels I get here in my hotel in Berlin).

But recent developments on the show (I don’t want to give out any spoilers to those of you who haven’t caught up with this season yet) have made it much more tolerable, even entertaining (although why bring back Naked Guy just to take him away again?)….

So, you know, if you happen to be watching it Tuesday night (if it isn’t a rerun, since I know EVERYTHING is a rerun lately thanks to a certain something called AMERICAN IDOL, except the show 24 of course, which has gotten a little dull lately, although I saw that Jean Smart was coming back, so YAHOO, but we’ve TiVoed 24, however I forgot to TiVo Gilmore Girls because I haven’t watched it in so long), can you email me to tell me what happens in your own delightfully brief words so I don’t have to slog through the long online descriptions?


More later.

Much love,


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