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Good Dog!

This is my favorite news story of the week so far. It’s a good thing for those folks they had Velvet along!

Still, I can see why mountaineering experts advise leaving pets at home while climbing. My own pets did not exhibit anything like Velvet’s heroism when temperatures here in Key West plunged dangerously low (58 degrees F! People had to turn off their air conditioning!) this past weekend.

Henrietta, of course, retreated to her usual haunt—the pillow fort—and would not come out….

(seriously, I do not make her go in there. She sits by the pillows and cries until I arrange them like this….)

Gem behaved a little more valiantly, bringing us a dead bird (I think the bird died from being blown into a tree by the gale force winds, since the largest thing Gem has ever managed to catch before was a locust. Gem just happened to stumble across the bird’s already decaying carcass), which she proudly dragged into the dining room and presented to us while we were eating, perhaps fearing that because of the cold snap, we would run out of Fritos and starve. She despairs of our skills as hunters.

Still. She spent most of the weekend like this:

(note the filthy bed that she won’t let us throw away even though we have tried. It is even dirtier than it looks. She howled until we dragged it back out of the garbage can and put it on our nice living room chair. We have to hide it when guests come over.)

I don’t think either of our pets would be able to save us in the event of a calamity the way Velvet saved her owner and his friends.

Velvet’s story actually reminds me a little bit of a Hoosier dog, Thunder, who famously stuck by his toddler companion, Daisy, in this straight-out-of-a-James-Herriott-book true dog story (note: this heart-warming tale WILL make you cry—with joy–so don’t read it in public).

In other, non-pet related news (unless you count the fact that she was voted worst pet owner of the year for allegedly getting rid of her dogs after her kids were born), at last report, Britney has returned to rehab. Let’s hope she stays there awhile this time. (EDIT: Wait. No. She’s out again. And you know what? This is the last time I’m going to comment on poor Britney. Because believe it or not, I have actually experienced what her family is going through right now–trying to get a loved one into rehab who just won’t stay there–and from what I’ve read, they’re doing the best they can. My heart goes out to them).

And lastly, I have finally finished the first draft of BIG BONED, the last book in the Heather Wells trilogy, and turned it in. Now I’m revising Princess Diaries 9. After nine novels, four novellas, three illustrated guides, a short story, and several calendars and annuals, you would think by now I’d have Mia’s world down…and I finally seem to, since the book needs only a bit of reshaping here and there.

It’s actually kind of sad. There’s only one book to go in the series!

Thank goodness we have stories like the one about Velvet to take our minds off our job-related stresses. Sigh.

More later.

Much love,