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Birthday Greetings

For those of you who haven’t figured it out by now:

I am spending my birthday week in the town of my birth, Bloomington, Indiana!

Well, why NOT return to the place where you were born forty years ago? I mean, it’s kind of dishy. At least I can get into the bars now. And no one’s carded me (dang it).

And yes! That WAS me you saw the other day on a downtown Bloomington birthday shopping frenzy up and down Kirkwood Avenue, burning a hole in my Amex at Urban Outfitters, Cha Cha, Cactus Flower, and B Boutique, respectively.

And yes, that WAS me you saw that same day in the Ladies Room at the Monroe County Public Library (by the way, thanks, MCPL, for putting Teen Idol in the display window. Also for keeping your bathrooms so squeaky clean)!

And how will I be spending my birthday? Well, that’s a secret. But I CAN tell what I’ll be doing tonight at 10:30: Watching Sarah Silverman’s new show on Comedy Central! Wahoo!

Well, OK: I’ll be TiVoing it to watch later, because I actually DO have plans tonight that don’t include watching TV.

But wasn’t it nice of Comedy Central to schedule the premiere of one of my favorite comedienne’s new show for my BIRTHDAY? Thanks, Comedy Central! I love you, too!

And thanks to all of YOU for the many, many birthday greetings I see in my in-box! You all ROCK!

More later.

Much love,