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Quick post before we head off into the weekend, you to have fun (I’m just guessing) and me to work on my manuscript without the benefit of chocolate or artificial stimulants:

I have new and improved (in my opinion, anyway) covers for my April and May releases, Prom Nights from Hell and Pants on Fire (also known by its UK title, Tommy Sullivan Is A Freak.

Prom Nights from Hell is a YA paranormal anthology I’m contributing to along with Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyers, and Lauren Myracle. My story is called The Exterminator’s Daughter. It’s about a girl named Mary who makes a disturbing discovery about her best friend’s prom date, and the action she takes in light of that discovery. It’s also about a guy named Adam, who witnesses Mary’s action, and how he reacts to it. Here’s the new cover:

And here’s the new cover to Pants on Fire, which is a stand-alone YA romantic comedy:

The burst in the middle will be silver foil, and the stuff around it will be sort of sparkly. But if you miss the full-frontal (or rear-endal) photo effect from before (see inside burst), don’t worry, the photo will be on the back, still visible in all its full, butt-touching glory.

Why the change? You know me. I’m a sucker for sparkles.

I guess I should probably mention a couple of other things before I head back to the salt mines.

1) Yes, you are right: Splenda is just as bad as aspartame, and yes, I checked the list my neurologist gave me, and it’s on there, too! Dang! So, no Splenda, either. I had brown sugar and cinnamon on my oatmeal this morning. And yes, it was good. Now I guess I’ll just go drink more water.

2) Can we all just breathe a big sigh of relief that Lindsay’s finally in re-hab, and hope that it takes? Because I don’t know about you, but I was actually getting a little tired of her wacky bananapants antics. I mean, yeah, it was funny at first, but one wild and underwearless heiress is really all we need. Compound Paris with Nicole, and it’s like, “Okay….” Then add Lindsay, and you’re like, “Wait…what?” Then add Britney into the mix, and it’s “Enough already! Somebody needs to go home!” Ideally it should have been Britney since she actually has children. But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

3) Did I mention I’d really like a TaB right now?

4) And a chocolate chip cookie?

5) The switch over from the book club to www.megcabot.com is mostly complete. If you check under Cool Stuff on this site, you’ll see we now have quizzes (yeah, I know it’s spelled wrong, we’re working on it) and downloads and soon there’ll be polls and some book giveaways, too. It’s like the old site and this site are now One. I bow to Janey and her team, the sensai of the Internet.

6) Contrary to popular opinion, I have not given up on my dream of finally getting a driver’s license. I WILL get a driver’s license. I just won’t get it before I turn 40 because I still can’t figure out that bumper thing with the 33 inches versus the 2500 pound thing on the test (among other questions). Despite the many exhortations I’ve received from readers to get my parents to help me on the test (aka, cheat), it turns out my parents are of no use, because my mother doesn’t know the answer to the bumper thing either, and neither does He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog, or anyone else I know. So I just have to study harder.

But I don’t have time right now, because I have to write a book. So I will get my permit later, when I don’t have something due so soon.

And when I am not busy jonesing for TaB and chocolate.


Have a great weekend.

More later.

Much love,


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