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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Everyone,

Thank you very much for your recent letters and emails. Your compassion about my break up with TaB (and all products containing aspartame) has been greatly appreciated.

As you are no doubt aware, break ups happen. They are painful, but often unavoidable, no matter how great a couple you thought you were. The truth is, sometimes you simply grow apart. Or you realize you were probably never right for one another in the first place. Other times, relationships run their course, or go horribly, tragically wrong.

And still other times, one person in the relationship makes a boneheaded decision, and the other person takes off for Japan, leaving the person who made the bad decision to realize what an utter ass she has been. But by then it’s too late, and everyone has to wait until book nine to see if there’s some way the person can fix things, or if she’s just going to have to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and start over with some new guy, or what….

Oh, wait. We’re talking about me and TaB.

Sometimes it’s better just to admit when a relationship is not working and move on—like with me and TaB. Your suggestions of other beverages to try (juices, flavored and sparkling waters, herbal teas, and diet drinks sweetened with Splenda) have all been taken under advisement. Some have even already been sampled, with much success. So thanks!

I know that my no longer drinking TaB is a huge change, one that will take getting used to. But I have to admit, I am feeling much better now that my old pal and I have parted ways. If you suffer from migraines, ask your doctor for a list of foods and things you can try to avoid, and also about migraine prevention medication. Believe it or not, there is such a thing…and happily it costs LESS per month than migraine pain medication (at least for me, considering how much of the latter I was taking every month)!

Now let’s talk about something more cheerful, something we haven’t talked about in a while: Movies and TV!!!!!

–OK, so why did they have to cancel THE OC just when it was getting good again? I understand that Josh Schwartz is going on to do GOSSIP GIRLS the TV show and I’m sure that will be dishy and all. But let’s face it, it will not have Taylor Townsend on it, and I love Taylor Townsend. Oh, OC, how I will miss you. Sob.

–Update on GILMORE GIRLS: Still dead to me. But I just read some spoilers and it is showing signs of improvement. If the spoilers are true.

–AMERICAN IDOL is starting up again, so those of us who dislike seeing people having their dreams spat upon are going to have to go back into hiding. Please note I love Kelly Clarkson and all the American Idol winners and runners up…Jennifer Hudson? So cute. It’s Simon Cowell and the whole making-of-fun-of-people-just-for-trying that I can do without.

Although I did enjoy Paula Abdul doing her media tour drunk (ALLEGEDLY) on YouTube. Hee!

–I haven’t been to the movies in ages because I have cable. So its kind of like…why go to them when they come to me in six months anyway? Although I did enjoy TALLADAGA NIGHTS more than was probably suitable for a woman of my age (Karen the Cougar wins my vote for best actress in a supporting role, hands down).

Still, when my realtor Capt. Bob’s wife asked me to join her and her friends for a matinee of THE HOLIDAY, I was so there, because, come on. Kate and Cameron, together? You guys: RUN don’t walk to see this if it’s still playing in your town. It’s totally silly and SO GOOD. We all wept like babies. But it was Extreme Home Makeover weeping, not Nicholas Sparks weeping, so it was thoroughly enjoyable. Twenty billion thumbs up.

–All I have to say about DEGRASSI is—What? Craig? Cocaine? WHAT? This show completely lost me when Liberty—LIBERTY—had a baby. But I’ll still watch, because, you know…it goes there.

–HOUSE and THE OFFICE continue to rock my world.

–I am excited because Ginger and Richard, from FLIP THIS HOUSE on A&E (have you seen the new version, with all those other people? I’m sorry, but they are so not Ginger and Richard. I mean, Ginger and Richard both had their bad days but ultimately you could tell they had good hearts and their projects didn’t seem like they were just to make a TV show, they were to improve a community or someone’s life. I can’t even watch the new show), are coming back on a new show on TLC, hopefully as soon as March.

The reason they aren’t on A&E anymore is that they seem to be involved in a lawsuit with them. But really, would you expect anything else from Richard? That is why I love him so. And Ginger, too. If you love them, too, express your love here. I don’t know why, Ginger just said to in her blog. Hi, Ginger! Mwah! Miss you! Love your little dog.

–I am not actually a fan of the show 24, but HWSNBNITB is, and, for reasons I no longer remember, I started watching 24 with him. Although watching is a strong word. In this season’s two-night premiere, Jack Bauer got released from a Chinese torture prison, then got stabbed with something, then had acid poured in the wound; then he got stabbed again. Then he ripped a man’s throat out with his teeth; hit another man with something that appeared to be a log; stabbed another man with what appeared to be a pen; pushed a man holding a bomb out of a subway car after fighting with him for a long time; rammed his car into another man’s car; made Chloe point the satellite at some things and load some other things to the uplink; then shot his friend in the neck…right before a major US city was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

Only I can’t be sure, because I had my hands over my eyes the whole time.

I remember when HWSNBNITB and I used to spend Monday nights watching Seventh Heaven and wondering how Ruthie was going to explain to her parents about that live monkey she was hiding in her room.

Okay. I seriously have to go work on BIG BONED now. At the rate I am going, it is looking about as likely that I am going to finish this book before my 40th birthday as it is that I am going to get my learner’s permit before then.

Which, yeah, oops. Not going to happen. Oh, well.

More later.

Much love,