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Christmas Came Early!

Christmas came early to my house this year. I just got several HUGE boxes of all my December releases! Check it out:

Valentine Princess (in US stores now!) and Princess on the Brink (in stores December 26)!

So many Missing You’s….

Party Princess will finally be out in paperback in the US on December 26 as well!

The only downside of having so many books come out at the same time is that people assume I WROTE them all at the same time–or that I wrote one after the other without really thinking them through–neither of which could be further from the truth. I wrote them all many, many months—even years–apart.

I honestly don’t know why they’re all coming out within thirty days of one another. Except maybe to take advantage of the gift certificates many of you will be receiving in your Christmas stockings? (Don’t tell anyone that I peeked and saw what you were getting!)

In other news:

–Look who’s one of Mad Magazines’ Fifty Nifty! Me!

Many thanks to reader Tova for submitting my photo to Mad Magazine, and also for sending me this. I can’t imagine how I came to be one of Mad Magazine’s Nifty Fifty, but it’s great! Big thanks to both Tova AND Mad.

–On a sad note, Entertainment Weekly gave Size 14 Is Not Fat Either a C and said I should stick to stories with tiaras in them (!). I’m not sure fans of All American Girl, Avalon High, the Mediator, and 1-800-Where-R-U series would agree. Fortunately, neither does this reviewer. Also this one, and this one. Phew! That’s a lot love, people! Thanks!

This website obviously knows what it’s talking about, and is also very very lovely and amusing.

–So is —my college newspaper, which recently interviewed me as well.

I’m pretty sure Entertainment Weekly won’t like my Floridian Flamingo Christmas tree, either:

But I happen to love it. I moved it to a different room this year, which might have been a mistake, because it’s clearly not tall enough. Also, either the floor is sloping, or I put it together crooked.

Fortunately, I have a back-up tree, as well:

Should my primary tree be unable to fulfill its duties, the back-up tree will step in to perform in its place. I think it’s up to the task. Don’t you?

Lastly, I hear many of you asking, “But what are you going to DO with all those books that got delivered to your house, Meg? You’ve already READ them, after all.”

Good question! I hope you’ll like the answer:

I’m going to give them away—to YOU. So check back here for more details soon!

More later.

Much love,