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So Tired

Grandma took off this morning via air ambulance for her home near Denver, Colorado. What’s an air ambulance, you ask? Welcome to my world, where–since my 84-year-old grandmother tripped in my home, breaking her wrist and pelvis–I have spent the past week getting a crash (pun intended) course in emergency medical transport, catheters, and platform walkers…

…not to mention Mermaid Barbie, pull-ups, and YoGos (which, when smashed beneath a booster seat, turn out to be nearly impossible to get out of whicker).

Frankly, I’d rather write 60,000 words in four weeks, like I did last month, than ever have to go through a medical emergency while also entertaining nine houseguests, some of whom are toddlers, ever again (the accident part. Not the nine houseguests, some of whom were toddlers, part. Well, okay, maybe that part, too).

I’m fairly certain Grandma would agree.

Many thanks are due to the fantastic doctors, nurses, and staff of the Lower Keys Medical Center, where I have spent many, many hours over the past five days. Word of advice: Don’t try the tuna salad in the cafeteria.

All nine houseguests are, as of this writing, on their way home–and I have a very important date with my TiVo..and bed.

In other news–VALENTINE PRINCESS IS IN U.S. STORES TODAY!!! What happens when Mia finds a long lost section of her diary from freshman year? She reads it, of course! And now you can, too…Find out the true meaning of Valentine’s Day in this candy-heart filled novella–along with the actual words to Michael’s song about Mia, TALL DRINK OF WATER!

More later.

Much love,