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Here's an update on a few things readers seem to want to know about (besides why my site looks so different, which I've explained already, and my nine houseguests):

The Meg-A-Reader program: The Meg-A-Reader program is a promotional club thingie that my US publisher is doing, similar to my UK publisher's Meg Ambassador program. The selection process in BOTH programs is currently over, and winners (although if you read my books, you're ALL winners to me) will be notified in the next few weeks, if they haven't been already!

Switchblade Kittens CD: Everyone wants to know what happened in last week's I Wanna Rock promotion, which is also currently over. If you have not received an email telling you that you won (or a CD in the mail), you were not one of the first ten people to email me with your snail mail address. But keep checking back here — we'll have more give-aways soon!

And in the meantime, the Switchblade Kittens CD is available in stores everywhere, or at the very least Amazon, so you can buy one of your very own (I'm sure the Kittens would appreciate that)!

Gilmore Girls: Some of my houseguests love this show so I was forced to watch it with them even though I explained it is dead to me. Last night?s episode was nowhere near as well written as past episodes, but since I love Naked Guy (aka Marty) and I hate Logan, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I still don't believe any of the recent plot twists (aka Luke's secret daughter, him ever letting Lorelei go, her marrying Christopher, etc).

However, I do enjoy any show where two guys fight over a girl. I may have to secretly start watching again — but only if Rory dumps Logan. That character is skeevy to me (although He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog thinks he's interesting and likes him.)

You know it's love when your significant other will sit around and watch girlie TV with you, then express opinions about them (you should hear HWSNBNITB about South of Nowhere).

Jericho/Heroes/The Office/The OC/Degrassi, etc: All good. None up to Buffy standards of good–except maybe The Office, only in a different way — but entertaining.

Dexter: I am in love with this show. Also with Dexter. Is that weird, since he's a serial killer? But he only kills people who deserve it.

Henrietta: Have you ever noticed that if you do something fun with a cat ONE time, they want to do it again ALL the time? Like I poured a bit of my bottled water (don't worry, I refill it from the water cooler–although not often enough to get a bacterial thingie) into the cap for H. to drink, just to see if she'd do it. And now every time she hears me opening a water bottle, she comes running, and cries until I fill my cap with water for her.

Cat ownership is so TIRING. I don?t know how people with actual human babies do it.

More later.

Much love,


Authors note: Since writing the above, one of my nine houseguests, my 84 year old grandmother, tripped and fell in my house, hurting her head, breaking her wrist, and possibly fracturing her hip. For obvious reasons, blogging will be irregular while we care for her.

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