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Thanksgiving 2006

Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season:

Dirty paws.

Glasses. When they're on, it means I'm working and not to bother me.
I LOVE them.

Making the Lone Star Reading List (This is actually better than getting banned!)

Princesses. Or just people who dress like them.



From the kind who “rescue” dogs to the kind who rescue communities to the kind who tell you what happened on Heroes last night to the kind who talk you down off the ledge when you get hate mail from 12 year olds to the kind who dress up in stupid outfits with you and then won't let you post their picture:

Escaping from cat jail.

Mrs. S watching over us.


Finding those quiet places off the beaten path where the paparazzi can't bother you.

New book covers.

HHSNBNITB and I lived in a one room apartment for nearly 10 years.
Even a messy office like ours is better than none!


More readers.

Unexpected new friends.

Husbands who cook.

And take naps.

And, of course, is there anyone in the world who isn't thankful for this?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

More later.

Much love,


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