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Greetings, blog hoppers! It occurred to me today that it's been ages since we dipped into the Meg Cabot mail bag, so let's take a peek, shall we?

Hey, I'm a big fan, I pretty much HATED reading intell i found your books and know i would radther read then watch T.V., which is suprising. Thank you for writing and making more books. The book I want to read next is, “How to be Popular”, i'm really excited, if you have time contact me back, thanks alot.

Well, thank you, Lauren! Unfortunately I cannot contact you back, because if I contacted back all the people who wrote to me every day, I'd never make my deadline on my next book. But I do love hearing from you all and I totally appreciate your kind words!

dear meg,
if you spent just one day a week wrighting back to everyone who emails you, you could keep up with all your emails. just a sugestion from a fan.

Actually, I couldn't. Since they made that Vid Lit on a Day in the Life of Meg, the number of unread emails in my inbox has grown to 32,576. It would take many, many weeks to write back to all those people. Please know that I WOULD write back if I could.

Dear Meg,
How can you stop at Ten princess diaries? I need to have more than that, i can't cope without knowing how Mia solves her problems! I am aware that 10 is probably your contract, but i will and crushed as i did when i found out the next Harry Potter is the last book! OOh, thankyou SO MUCH for writing the 10 excelleny, marvelous ASTOUNDING books! They ave helped me through many walks of life. My request? Simply that you put (and i KNOW i am acting very big headed, asking to to put stuff in your books, but this is URGENT) put Mia's non-self actualization into the books?

Well! I am glad to know there are readers out there who want to keep on reading about Princess Mia. I hope you still feel that way after Princess Diaries 8. HA HA HA JUST KIDDING!

Right now there are only two more Princess Diaries installments planned, Book 9, tentatively titled Princess Mia, which I am working on now, and Book 10, Forever Princess, which will be the last book and will take place Mia's senior year in high school (Princess Mia takes place over her junior year).

I cannot promise you that Mia becomes self-actualized by the end, but I will promise you that she will be older and more wiser in Book 10 than she was in Book 1 (thank goodness, or otherwise she'd have learned nothing in Books 2-9).

As for whether we will see her again after Book 10, I think the chances are good that we will still drop in to visit from time to time, just not as regularly as before, as Mia's hand is very tired from all that writing.

I'm so happy to hear that you know what NaNoWriMo is and are participating in it!!!! I'm at exactly 7k RIGHT NOW, I've got the beginning and the end and some random pieces in the middle (that's probably not a very smart way to write it, but I'm having fun, so it's all good). since 7k is nowhere NEAR where I should really be, I'm having a competition with my friend eric to see who can outword each other. It's pretty hilarious. Anyway,, kudos to you for doing NaNoWriMo!!!

Thank you! Any way you write that works for you is a smart way to write. And I am enjoying NaNoWriMo very much. I know some people think it's weird for a professional writer to be taking part in NaNoWriMo, but sometimes professional writers need a little motivation, too! Right now I am at 18,000 words of Princess Diaries 9. But I still have about 40,000-50,000 to go (the last two PDs will be a bit longer than the previous installments because they will cover more time)!

Will I finish by November 30 when nine of my family members come to visit for nine days? STAY TUNED!

hi I was wondering if you were going to create a third book to all-american girl because I read the ready or not book and I really liked both books and I was hoping you wee going to create another one.
a beloved reader to your all-american girl novels as well as mediator books, so far

Hi! Thanks! At this time I don't have any plans to do a third book featuring Samantha Madison, but if that changes, I will totally let you know. I am still hoping that someday we will see the short story I wrote about Samantha for The White House Project, which is supposed to appear in an anthology in 2007. I will keep you posted if I hear anything about it.

Hi Meg! first i have to say i love your writing and i love your books.
Okay i was wondering if in MISSING YOU if i'm just going insane or if you really said this or not. OKay is it true that she goes to julliard and ruth goes to culumbia? and that she lost her powers due to post-traumatic stress from homeland security?
if not you really need to have someone lock me up. I could have sworn it was in your August transcript.
Your truly, a couple fries short of a happy meal, fan:
PS- if i didn't mention it above i love all your books. and i totally agree about trying to get banned from a state. it seems like so much fun.)

Thank you! And yes, this is all true. Advance word from the #1 Jess fan (hi, Jen) is that MISSING YOU is the best one of all of the 1-800 books, so I'm thinking readers will be pleased. Look for a Sneak Peek posted here soon!

I have a couple quetsions about Michael Moscovitz:
How long did he love Mia before they started dating?
Was how he treated Mia and acted around her in the first 2 books because he liked her?
Did Judithe ever like Michael?
Why did you pick the name Michael? (I thought it was quite humerous because we are quite a like and we both have the same name although I have girl vesion)
Was it obvious to Mia's friends he like her and vise versa?
This may get old but I thank-you so much for this site and also for continuing to write such fantastic books for crazed fans like myself. You are also a wonderful writer and obviously caring because of this site and answering our questions in a pacient manner.

Actually, this never gets old. Thank YOU!

And all of your questions will be answered in Princess Diaries 8, except for why I picked the name Michael, which is that at the time I wrote the book, I didn't know anyone named Michael, so I figured no one would think I was writing the book about HIM (this is a problem if you're a writer and you have a lot of friends/family…you can't use any of their names in their books or they will think you are writing about them. And if they are a boy who is not related to you, they will think you have a secret crush on them. I am not making this up).

Why has Louise Rennison's Startled by his Furry Shorts been the pick of the month at the Meg Cabot Book Club for two months in a row???? When are you going to pick a new book??? There are alot of good ones to chose from, like I Was A Teenage Popsicle, or Terrier!!! Why don't you pick one fo them????

Because I suck. Seriously, I have been so busy this fall I have not had a chance to update the Pick of the Month or plan a chat about SBHFS…but I promise you'll be seeing something new soon.

Dear Meg,
How is Britney doin? Can you please give her our best?

Thank you for thinking of Britney during this difficult time. I will give her your regards. As I've told Britney and my other celebrity friends time and time again, if you wouldn't want your mom to see it, DON'T LET ANYONE FILM IT.
It's really very simple: when he whips out the camera, LEAVE. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to. That is why you have never seen a Meg Cabot sex tape, and never will.

How do you make a Megopolitan? I promise I am well over the legal drinking

This is a very good question to which, sadly, I do not know the answer. The bartender was instructed to keep the ingredients secret! However, having tasted plenty of pink drinks in my day, I will venture to say that a Megopolitan is very much like (or perhaps even IDENTICAL to) a Cosmopolitan.

Drink responsibly and in moderation! And please don't attempt to sing Wilson-Phillips songs if you don't know all the words.

Links received in the mail recently:

This made me cackle with glee.

And if you haven't already, you all need to go here, and also here to experience the joy and wonder for yourself.

More later.

Much love,


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