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The Danger of Leggings

OK, I know leggings are the hot new look right now.

And believe me, I love them too. Let's face it, a nice pair of black cotton leggings under a blousy tunic or babydoll top looks good on just about any girl.

Of course, we knew this back in the eighties, when this look first came into style (well, it FIRST came into style in medieval times…see Robin Hood) when Lisa Bonet wore leggings on the Cosby Show (only hers were stirrup pants. But we all just ignored the stirrup part and wore the leggings scrunched up around our knees with the elastic stirrupy thing hanging down. At least I did. Until they finally started making stirrup pants without the stirrups, i.e. leggings).

At first I was a bit horrified when I saw that this look (minus the stirrupy thing) had come back. But it IS so cute and, let's face it, really comfortable.

So I myself even broke down and, in spite of my better judgment (the babydoll top look is SO risky when you are nearly 40 years old and childless and have been married for 13 years. Everyone's eyes get all big when they see you and they go, “Do you have something to TELL us?” while you're going, “Um. No. Why?” while tossing back another screwdriver, which by the way don't actually work medicinally for strep/bronchitis/viruses) was sporting the whole legging thing for the past couple of weeks.

I personally prefer the Gap cotton capri length yoga leggings, which are no longer available at Gap.com. Leggings made of actual tights material are too hot for me (see aforementioned part about being nearly 40 years old and add the words perimenopause and South Florida, and you'll get the picture.)

But I am here right now to warn you of the danger of leggings. And no I don't mean that if you're nearly 40 people might think you are expecting when you are most decidedly not.

I'm talking about REAL DANGER, as only I can attest. Because after weeks of feeling a bit under the weather and spending a lot of time lounging around in bed watching Judging Amy and listening to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack and so wearing nothing but blousy tops and leggings, I went to put on my regular jeans, and I had a very unpleasant surprise.

Yes, that is right. My jeans barely fit. I was lulled by the elastic waist band of my leggings into thinking that I hadn't gained any weight during my long period of inactivity.


So, ladies, please. If you do decide to sport the leggings, BE SMART. Interchange them periodically with normal clothes (and by normal clothes I do NOT mean other things with elastic waistbands) so that you can gauge the size of your, ahem, abdominal area, and take evasive action if necessary, such as periodic walks around the block, and laying off the medicinal screwdrivers and leftover Halloween Butterfinger bars.

Trust me. Your jeans will thank you for it.

This has been a public service announcement.

More later.

Much love,