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Nobody does Halloween quite like Key West, Florida….

(…or Key Weird as it turns into this time of year).

And I'm not talking about its annual Fantasyfest celebration, which will be going on this weekend. No, I'm talking about my favorite local tradition, the…

Pet Parade!

This year, I went armed with a digital camera, so you could share the fun, as well. Enjoy!

Please note: no animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.

Princess Pup, meet…


Love Bug!

It's important to match your owner…

…in every way.

The real purpose of the parade is for meet….

…and greets.

“Curious George, meet my football.”

Incredible twins!

Say cheese!

Some puppies had trouble holding still for the camera.

Ballerina Pup!


Captain Bob's dog, Maggie….

Captain Bob as Little Bo Peep with Maggie's brother, Cody

Bo Peep was a popular theme this year.


This dog was dressed as a “Congressional Page.”

Being a star is so stressful….

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf (in Grandma's nightie….)

Mardi Dog!

Before his costume change….

and after.

Sometimes we all need some down time.

Pug Bug!

Yes. There was one cat. She was dressed as an angel. I think she is contemplating throwing herself off the pier in this photo.

Queen of the Parade.

And of course, my favorites….

Poodles in pink!

Sadly my own pets refused not only to put on costumes, but to attend the parade at all. In that way, I'm afraid, they take after their mother, who is a bit of a homebody. Oh, well.

Have a good weekend!

More later.

Much love,


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