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It's been a while since I gave any updates on what's new around here, writing-wise, so here goes:

Did I mention I have a short story (well, a novella, really) coming out in an anthology Harper Teen is doing called PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL? Well, I do. This book will be out in April 2007. The other contributors are Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer, and Lauren Myracle.

Obviously, these will be stories about prom nights. From hell. Not necessarily literally, but they are supposed to contain a paranormal element. A percentage of my income from the book will go to Girls, Inc.

In other news, I finally—I think—have a finished cover for SIZE 14 IS NOT FAT, EITHER. As you might have noticed, we went back and forth quite a bit on this one. But here's what you'll (probably) be seeing on the cover this December:

Publishers Weekly has already announced that SIZE 14 is “entertaining, if flawed.” Fortunately the review goes on to say that my heroine Heather Wells' “wit and charm amply compensate.” Phew.

I also have a cover for QUEEN OF BABBLE 2, QUEEN OF BABBLE IN THE BIG CITY, due out next June. Check it out—I really love it:

I would love to show you more AVALON HIGH: CORONATION art, but they are going to be doing galleys (advanced reader copies) and need to save some surprises for it. But allow me to assure you, it looks GREAT. More than great—better than I ever dreamed. Here are a few more character sketches, which I think I can safely show without giving anything away:

Meanwhile, check out the wacky art (by the same artist as the one who did Book 5) for the reprints of the first four 1-800-WHERE-R-U books, to coincide with the publication of MISSING YOU, the final book in the series, due out this December:

When Lightning Strikes

Code Name Cassandra

Safe House



(Cover text to be added later, of course.)

I will have covers for PANTS ON FIRE (May 2007) and JINX (September 2007) soon, and will post them when they arrive.

Have you signed up to be a Meg-A-Reader yet? Only two more weeks to do so!

And what about the Teen Lit thing? Have you signed up for that yet? They'll be posting a blog entry on the site soon written by me about what happened when I entered a similar contest (sponsored by the very same publisher!) back in 1983. I highly suggest anyone thinking of entering this contest read it when it goes up.

Here's what I'm reading right now:

Cancer Vixen tells the story of Marisa Acocella Marchetto, a successful career woman and shopaholic, who just three weeks before her marriage learns that she has cancer. Frankly, this book couldn't possibly rock more. You get insider stuff on what it's like to be a cartoonist for The New Yorker (a job I wanted SO badly once upon a time), what it's like to date a New York City chef/restaurateur…and then what it's like to get cancer.

Funny and touching and interesting and sad (but hopeful) at the same time, this is the best book I've read in a long time.

And yes. It's told in cartoons. WHICH ONLY MAKES IT BETTER (go here for the awesome animated trailer. Be sure to turn up your sound).

Run, don't walk (unless you're wearing Manolos of course) to get Cancer Vixen today. As one reviewer said, Every girl needs a little black dress and a copy of Cancer Vixen. So, so true.

Even better? The author is donating a percentage of the proceeds from the this book to provide breast care for underprivileged women at the Comprehensive Cancer Center affiliated with St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan and to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. HOW MUCH DOES SHE ROCK????

I have to go now, so I leave you with this (turn up the sound): What I will be doing after I finally get my driver's license…

More later.

Much love,


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