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I’m Stylish

What the heck, people???

Everyone but me is turning out to be a princess! This one seems EXTRA princessy. If you have any spare cash, send it her way—she's rebuilding a school that was destroyed in the village over which she will one day rule!

Meanwhile, check this out:

It's me and my new boyfriend (thanks SO much for creating this, reader Shanae! I will treasure it always!) Tarzan is saying: “Meg, I really want to move to Key West, but what about all my monkey pals?” and I'm going, “Bring them along! We have banana trees in our backyard!”

Many thanks are also due to the lovely readers at my Cleveland signing at Joseph Beths (thanks Joseph Beths, too, for the signing AND the awesome beauty products!) who wrote me such nice notes (thank you, Karen R., and thanks also to Nevada, who definitely wins the award for reader who always travels the farthest to see me—from Hawaii—most often. That is twice now, I think, right Nevada?), and made me such lovely pictures (Nina—I loved how Tarzan was thinking of ME!).

Thanks also to the ladies who gave me cookies (sorry, I didn't catch your names), and to excellent author Jen Thurman's mom, who also gave me cookies, and to Kathleen K, whose short story rocks, and whose prose you will no doubt be finding on bookshelves shortly.

Belated thanks to librarian Kayla for the fabulous HANDMADE card, as well, and to anyone else who has given me such fabulous notes and gifts to help me along my way on this tour (fifteen days on the road—I count my time in NYC as on the road because any time I am away from Henrietta counts as “on the road”–already, with ten more to go!)

Here's a super cute news story about one of my signings in Philadelphia (you have to watch an FBI commercial first, sorry). I just noticed I sort have hair the same color as Judge Judy now. Oh well.

I have had the sketchiest email since I've been on the road…literally, I can receive but can't send. So just FYI if you haven't heard from me and are expecting to (I realize that is a lot of you. And okay, my bad. But really, it's like 200 emails a DAY people, I can barely keep up. Not to mention I had the really BAD idea to work out in the hotel gym the other day and threw my back out and now all I can do is lie in bed and watch the Tarzan trailer over and over. Oops I mean CNN) that is why I have been so tardy in responding.

So I am writing this from one of the loveliest cities in the world, San Francisco. I just LOVE San Francisco—I always have the best time here. Last night I hung out with a friend from high school, Mellie, and her husband, Alex, and their two tiny twin daughters, who are two and a half, and who gravely announced to me, after I gave them each a fluffy pink princess scarf to play with, “I'm stylish.”

And they TOTALLY were. If only we could hold onto that kind of self-confidence into our teens and then later, into our 39 and a halfs.

Me, the stylish princesses, and their mom!

I think San Francisco would be a cool place to grow up as a kid, and have thought that ever since I myself was a kid, and we used to come here as a family. One time we came here when I was 13 and we happened to be walking down the street after dinner at the same time there was a huge Take Back The Night march and all these feminists motioned for me to come march with them and I asked my mom if I could and she said yes.

So I did, and the feminists gave me a candle to hold, and we chanted slogans about how much rapists suck, and wouldn't let any cars go through, and it was very empowering and made me want to move to a big city so I could be in Take Back The Night marches all the time.

So I did. Only I chose New York instead of San Francisco, because that's where my boyfriend at the time was going. Which I will admit wasn't very feminist of me, but at the same time, two years later, when that same boyfriend announced he was moving away from New York City, I said, “Bye, have a nice time!”

Anyway, if you live in or near San Francisco, I hope you'll come see me tonight here:


Book Passage
51 Tamale Vista Blvd Corte
Madera, CA 94925
415 927 0960 x238

I won't have any princess scarves or candles to give you, but I still think you'll have a good time.

More later.

Much love,