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Makeout Guy = Major Disappointment…AGAIN!

Makeout Guy never emailed me.

Was it wrong of me to think he might read my blog? I'm not saying that I think that ALL my exes do.

But I was kind of hoping he might have seen the thing I posted about our ill-fated romance and send an email saying he was sorry about the girlfriend and that things hadn't worked out better.

But no. I got nothing. Except emails from a few people who are upset with me for not posting an entry on 9/11 about 9/11 itself this year (even though my 9/11/06 entry was VERY DEFINITELY about 9/11…as was easily recognizable by the link I provided to last year's post about my personal 9/11 experience. I guess Monday's entry was just a little too subtle for some people, as author Susan Juby pointed out to me).

Yeah, that's right, SUSAN JUBY found the time to read my blog and write to me. What's wrong with YOU, Makeout Guy?

Private note to Sarah: Contrary to what your friends are telling you, it does NOT make you a bad person if you want to honor those that died on 9/11 by NOT watching a heinous made-for-TV disaster docudrama about their deaths—which, hello: SO another sign of the quickening. So don't feel bad AT ALL. In fact, RUNNING FROM IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN would not be inappropriate.

Anyway, yesterday I went to my doctor and this jogger RAMMED into my arm on Fifth Avenue, and didn't even stop to say he was sorry. Fortunately all the construction workers on the street yelled at him, which made my eyes fill with tears and reminded me of why I love New York so much.

Then I walked into my doctor's office and she gave me a flu shot in my OTHER arm, and this morning when I woke up I found I could barely move EITHER arm. Nice.

But hey—that isn't going to keep me from making my way to Pennsylvania today. Especially since I'm getting tired of always being the funny one in this relationship…now's your chance to try to cheer ME up! Come to one of my book signings tonight or tomorrow:


Barnes & Noble Exton
301 Main St.
Exton, PA 19341


Children's Book World
17 Haverford Station Road
Haverford, PA 19041

I promise to try to make you laugh…if you promise to show up.

For those of you who cannot attend, click here to read a little about my screwed-up writing process, and Larry, my official town perv.

And here's a photo sent to me by Shelley, one of my best buds from Collins Living Learning Center. Check out the double feature on the movie marquee. BRILLIANT:

This is a very positive sign that the quickening isn't coming quite as soon as we thought….

More later.

Much love,