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Avalon High Sequel


I know some of you have been waiting for this. Well, here it is:

I swear it's better than Christmas when you open up your Inbox and find something like that inside. I love this cover so much. In fact, yeah, I DO want to marry it.

It's looking like the AVALON HIGH sequel will be split into three separate mangas (the cover above is from the first of these) which should come out fairly close together. The books will take place about two months after the end of AVALON HIGH, and each will pick up where the installment before it left off.

The books, which will be under the umbrella title AVALON HIGH: CORONATION, will be called:

Book 1:
The Merlin Prophecy
(that's the cover pictured above)

Book 2:
Hunter's Moon

Book 3:

As far as art goes, the nice people at Tokyopop, who are co-publishing these books with HarperCollins, sent me a LOT of sketches from various topnotch manga artists who were interested in working on the project. I was supposed to choose the artist I liked best from these, which was REALLY hard, because all of them were great. Some of them were FANTASTIC.

But it was clear to me from the very beginning that there was one artist who completely captured the spirit of the characters. And that was the artist who sent me this sketch of Ellie, Will, Marco, and Morgan (a new character):

And that's why I chose Jinky Coronado–not even knowing that she's the creator of Banzai Girl–or even that she's a girl!

All I knew was that Jinky saw my characters the way I see my characters. And that was good enough for me.

(Although I should add that if you're a former illustrator and someone is drawing your stuff for you, you want that person to be a better artist than you are. I could never in a million years draw as well as Jinky, and that's another reason I picked her.)

All I can say about Jinky is—she's on it, people. Check out this sweet little ink drawing she made of a scene that's not even in any of the books!

And look at this:

Cool, huh?

Anyway, in one last piece of Avalon High news before I leave you, the original book has been optioned by the Disney Channel for a made-for-television, live-action movie. I'll let you know if and when production starts as I get more information.

And hey–have a totally Jinky weekend.

More later.

Much love,