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Rumor Control

Every once in a while here at the blog, we have to do a little rumor control….

So here, once again, is the honest truth about some of the rumors that have been floating around about me and my books (at least judging from all the emails I have been getting):

Rumor #1) I live in Florida, but despite the fact that I am in the direct path of a hurricane, I have not evacuated!!!

True. I do live in Florida, but no evacuation orders have been issued for residents of my town. I know everyone is still jittery from Hurricane Katrina, and rightfully so. However, not all (in fact, very few) hurricanes are as powerful as Katrina. If a Category 3 hurricane or higher comes my way, of course I will be evacuating. But until then, I will be here paying the price that comes with living in paradise: the occasional tropical storm/hurricane.

Rumor #2) The Mediator is going to be a TV show!!!

False. A long time ago, The Mediator was optioned for television. The option lapsed without anything ever happening. The film and television rights reverted back to me, and I am currently hanging onto them until the perfect offer comes along. What's the perfect offer, you ask? One where I get to be the person who chooses the actor who plays Jesse. Hee.

Rumor #3) All American Girl/Ready or Not is going to be a movie!!!!

False. At one time, the film rights to the first book were optioned for a film that was to star Raven. Disney passed on the screenplay (which was nothing like the book), and I passed on renewing the option. The rights are now mine again, and I am keeping them until the perfect offer comes along—the one where I get to be the person who chooses the actor who plays David. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Rumor #4) Teen Idol is going to be a movie!!!!

True. Sort of. The film rights to this book have been optioned, and a script has been written by the brilliant folks who worked on Because of Winn Dixie. But that's all the information I have at this time.

Rumor #5) There are only going to be ten full-length books in The Princess Diaries series.

True. The books will end with Mia's 18th birthday. She will not, however, have only 30 days to find a husband or lose the throne in the last book. That was Disney's version of how the series ends, not mine. And while Disney's version was very nice, mine, as you all know, is the correct one.

Rumor #6) There are going to be more Princess Diaries movies!!!

False. Everyone involved in those movies has moved on to new projects, as we know from having seen Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada in theaters this summer (and in Havoc on Cinemax).

Rumor #7) There are going to be more installments to The Mediator series!!!!

False. The series is finished. It is true, however, that I am working on a new paranormal series (or two) that readers will hopefully see in stores someday (if a publisher buys them. I haven't pitched them yet).

Rumor #8) There is going to be a movie of How To Be Popular!!!!

Maybe true. There's a lot of interest in the property, but it has not yet been optioned.

Rumor #9) There is going to be a movie of Avalon High!!!!.

No comment at this time. An announcement about this will be made here later on in the week.

Rumor #10) I am engaged to Vince Vaughn!!!!

False. I'm not engaged and I don't have a ring and I haven't been proposed to.

Well, those are all the rumors we have time to address at the moment. Stay tuned to this blog for more rumors and my responses to them!

More later.

Much love,