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Contest! Contest! Contest!

It's here! Your big chance at publishing stardom! Also, your big chance at winning a free autographed book of your choice from me!

In one of the many magazines I have read recently (I retain what's in them but not which magazine I got the information from, sorry), they did a poll to find out what their readers' dream job was, and the # 1 most popular dream job?

Romance writer.

Which I fully understand because–not to brag–we do get to work in our pajamas.

Well, now's your big chance to join us:

HarperCollins editors and Avon Romance authors invite you to join thousands of fans online to collectively create an original e-book — one chapter at a time.

Log on now through October 27th for a unique online writing event where Avon Romance authors, editors, and readers team up to create an original e-book novella. Each week, you, the fans, will submit your own chapters based on a predetermined story line.

Then fans and authors will vote for their favorite chapter. The one with the highest vote total will win the week.

Yes. It will be like the American Idol of writing. Only without Simon Cowell.

The event will continue for six weeks and in the end the novella will be published as an e-book. Throughout the event, prizes will be awarded, including grand prizes of an in-person session with an Avon editor and a $5,000 development deal with Fox TV!

See you online at AvonFanLit.com

So, get writing.

And here is ANOTHER contest–though of a different kind:

–Help Meg Figure Out Which Book This Is–

Okay, this is driving me cRaZy. I can't remember the title or author of this book I read as a teen, and I am appealing to you, my readers, for help. Because I HATE not remembering where I read something (magazines aside).

The first person who emails me with the title and author of the book I'm about to describe will receive a free autographed copy of whichever one of my books (currently on bookstore shelves in the U.S.) he or she chooses (overseas readers, this contest is open to you as well). Just please be sure to include a mailing address AND BOOK CHOICE in your reply so that I can send you your prize.

Okay, so here is all I remember about the book:

It's fantasy (or possibly sci-fi), and I read it in the early 1980s. There was a prince in it (I think he was a prince, he might not have been), and also a girl. I think there was also some Evil that had to be defeated. The girl's name was Megan (thus my interest). Possibly her full name was Megan By-the-Woods. I don't remember the plot or even what planet it takes place on, but I do remember that at one point the prince or whoever asks Megan to go to some dance or function (but at that point in the book he doesn't really think of her romantically, and she knows it) and she has to get a dress for it, and the dress she ends up having made totally rocks (although I don't remember if they end up getting together, or if they defeat the Evil…if there IS any evil).

Okay, that's all I got. Except that as a tween or teen or however old I was when I read this book, I LOVED it. Sometimes it's dangerous as an adult to go back and read books you loved as a kid because often they do not stand the test of time (case in point: Flambards). However, I am willing to risk it, if any of you can help.

Remember, if you think you know the title and author of the above book, please be sure to include a mailing address AND BOOK CHOICE in your reply so that I can send you your prize. Please email mewith your answer here.

That's it for now. Many thanks in advance.

Oh, and sign up for the Avon thingie. I mean, a development deal with Fox TV? Hello.

More later.

Much love,


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