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Meg on Today!

Be sure to check out my appearance on the Today Show tomorrow morning, Friday, August 4, between 7AM-9AM (unless I get bumped for the war. Or Castro. Or another tropical storm).

Today Show regular Dr. Ruth Peters and I will be discussing issues involving popularity. I'm told that I'll be talking specifically about my own unpopularity in high school and how it was the inspiration for my new New York Times Children's Chapter List and USA Today bestseller, HOW TO BE POPULAR.

I will most likely be on between 8 and 9, but no promises.

And yes, I will be stalking the musical guest, Cyndi Lauper, whose clothing style I emulated in high school, leading to the aforementioned unpopularity. She is still one of my all-time idols. Be afraid, Cyndi. Be very afraid. I still know all the words to She Bop by heart.

More later.

Much love,