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Dear Ms. Rowling,

Hi! So, I've never actually met you, but I just read what you said about how you might have to kill off your main character in the final book of your HARRY POTTER series.

I just want you to know I TOTALLY get what you're saying, and I couldn't agree more. I mean, what's to keep someone from going on writing about Princess Mia Thermopolis long after I'm dead? Obviously, like you, I have to kill off my main character in the final book of the Princess Diaries series.

And then make sure her body is ground to a fine powder so some other author can't resurrect her in a future book.

I know, I know. Readers will complain. But a fight to the death between Mia and Lana Weinberger has been brewing for a long time now. That is a GIVEN. It's the direction the story arc has been going since Book 1.

Why everyone keeps writing to me, begging me to spare Mia's life in Book 10 (because of course Lana wins. Because girls like Lana ALWAYS win) I don't know. Just because everyone else has an opinion on what THEY think should happen in my books doesn't mean they're right. Because the person who is always right is, of course, the author.

My only question—and I hope you can help me out here—is, after Lilly, Michael, and Tina Hakim Baba die in vain trying to save her life, should I have Mia die by strangulation (Lana could garrote her with one of Michael's guitar strings) or electrocution (Lana could throw Mia against an electrified fence, then pour Red Bull on the ground)?

What do you think? Any input would be appreciated.

Okay, well, that's it. Have a nice day!

Much love,


PS Okay, you guys, I am totally kidding. Mia and Lana are not going to fight to the death in Book 10. I'm pretty sure.