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Check it out you guys! Here's a pic of my new crush!

Photo by Stuart Ramson, AP

That's him, on the far right. Warren! WARREN BUFFETT!!!

OMG I love him so much. Why? Because he's giving $37 billion dollars to The Gates Foundation.

I know you've heard of this foundation, but just in case you haven't, it's the one that Melinda made Bill start after they got married, when Bill's mom gave Melinda a letter telling her it was now her job to make a difference in the world.

And unlike some people who might not listen to their mother-in-law, Melinda got busy right away establishing a foundation that is working to

–pioneer health care in developing countries

–protect women from HIV/AIDS worldwide

–increase the high school graduation rate for all students and increasing the percentage of students who graduate prepared for college

— increase access to technology for residents in low-income and disadvantaged communities through partnerships with public libraries in the United States and throughout the world

Warren's money, in conjunction with Bill's and Melinda's, is going to make a HUGE difference not just to the billions of people living in poverty worldwide, but to EVERYONE—maybe even YOU.

And what rocks is that Warren COULD have just left his money to his kids…but he believes doing so would have been “an anti-social act.” Of course he is leaving them something. Just not so much that they can sit around and do NOTHING for the rest of their lives (no doubt Warren loves the movie Arthur as much as I do, and has learned as many valuable life lessons from it).

It's kind of funny about Warren, because last week HWSNBITB and I were just finalizing our Will. We'd already decided to leave all of our property and money–including all proceeds from all of my novels following my death–to various non-profit environmental and family planning organizations, with a small amount going to a few family members (and of course to friends who have promised to take care of Henrietta and Gem in the event of our untimely demise).

So I feel like in my own small way I am one with Warren…except of course I'm certainly not giving up 85% of my current income to charity right now because, um, I need it. For TaB.

Still, MC + WB = TRUE LUV 4EVAH!!!!

More later.

Much love,