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Wow, my signing at Harry S. Schwartz in Milwaukee was so fun!

And not just because so many readers brought gifts and mementos for me.
Although many thanks to Kelley, Megan, Liza, Sherry, Natalie and Katherine for the TaB! And to Monica for the Ultimate Mix! And to Nora for her autograph! And to Sammy for the picture of Cupcake in her Princess regalia! And to Kimberly for the Angel of Hope drawing! And to Michelle for the fabulous report!

Really, you guys. You shouldn't have. The bookstore very kindly gave me a tote bag to carry it all home in. So thank you Harry S Schwartz, as well!

Today I will be taking airplanes ALL DAY LONG just in order to get to my signing
In Okemos, MI.

In fact, for the amount of time I will be on planes trying to get to Okemos, I could go to France.

But I'm sure Okemos will be better.

So since I've been on the road, a terrible thing has happened: I've become an addict. And not just to peanut M&Ms.

No. I've become addicted to airports. Seriously. Airports are nice and quiet and even if you can't get wi-fi, they are a great place to get work done, because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Because of this, airports are filled with readers, which of course are my favorite people.

Yesterday this woman in the airport was sobbing uncontrollably and all the other people at my gate rushed over to give her Kleenex and ask if there was anything they could do, and she tried to wave them away, weeping, “No! No! There's nothing wrong. It's this book! It's just SO GOOD!” and she waved around this book she was reading.

Of course then everyone relaxed and was like, “Well, what book is it?”

And the woman went, “Oh (sob) GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner. It's just so…so…BEAUTIFUL!”

So then everyone at my gate rushed over to the bookstore to get GOOD IN BED. But they were sold out. So everyone bought GOODNIGHT NOBODY which is also by Jennifer Weiner, instead.

So you can see why I like airports now.

On a less cheerful note, I found out from an airline insider that occasionally passengers can't be bothered to get up to use the lavatory on the plane. Instead, they just go all over their seat cushion. Which fortunately is also a flotation device. So when a cushion is found to be soaking wet, the crew just rips it off and replaces it with a new one.

But if they can't find a new one, they just bump whatever passenger was scheduled to sit there until they can find a replacement cushion.


Just something to consider, next time you get bumped from a flight, and you're all mad about it. The airline could actually be doing you a favor.

Meet me in Okemos, MI tonight at 7 p.m.
Schuler Books & Music
1982 Grand River Avenue
Okemos, MI 48864

I promise only to talk about books, not pee.

More later.

Much love,