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And I'm on my way home from the first leg of my tour. I spent May 18-21 at Book Expo America, and then May 22-26 on tour. I'll get back on the road on Tuesday, May 30, and be away until June 10.

That's a long time to be away from home. And might explain why my bag weighs 65 pounds. I really can't wait to get to the airport today because I bet hardly anybody else will be traveling.


I'm not complaining though because I know I'm really lucky to be sent on a book tour at all. Not EVERY author gets one, you know. I used to have to make up (and pay for) my own book tours when I was first starting out. They mostly consisted of me going around New York City and begging local bookstores to host a signing for me (some of them even said yes).

Now, my publisher goes around and begs for me. Sweet.

Plus, I'm getting put up in awesome hotels. My hotel room in Cincinnati had a whirlpool tub in it! Into which I dropped THE SIGN OF THE BOOK just as I got to the part where John Dunning revealed whodunnit. I had to peel each sopping wet page apart to get to the end. But it was worth it.

But even with nice hotels, it's hard being away from home all that time. For one thing, He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog does seriously deluded Man Things when I'm not around, such as make giant vats of tomato sauce, since I don't like tomatoes and won't eat his tomato sauce when I'm home.

But also, of course, I miss Henrietta, who spends the entire time I'm gone under the bed, refusing to come out, except to eat.

Anyway, I don't have any plans for the holiday weekend, except laundry and the Meg Cabot Book Club LIVE CHAT. My good friend Sophia the county councilwoman from Bloomington, Indiana, and her husband Greg (whom I've known since I was 14) will be visiting, which should be fun. I'm hoping Sophia will join me (and hopefully all of you) for our ONLINE CHAT with Justina Chen Headley, the author of the AWESOME Nothing But the Truth (and a Few White Lies) on Sunday at 7PM EST. Tina's book has been getting rave reviews everywhere, and I think is well on its way to being a teen classic!

While I wouldn't say the same about any of my OWN work, I did just find out that “Princess in Training” was one of the winners of the Disney Adventures Magazine Book Awards, in the Humor category, and “Avalon High” is an American Library Association Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers. Yeah, baby.

In other news, I had a fun signing at Books & Co. in Dayton, where, as always, there was a massive thunderstorm while I was there. EVERY TIME I COME TO DAYTON THIS HAPPENS. So kudos to the fantastic readers who braved the storm to come see me!

Also last night in my hotel the tornado siren went off. I was so stoked. I grabbed my laptop and key and ran out into the lobby to go to the tornado shelter.

But the receptionist was like, “Um…it's a false alarm.”

I was so bitterly disappointed, I can't tell you.

Anyway, have to go catch my plane now. Have a great weekend, and remember:

More later.

Much love,