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So the 12:30pm Borders signing is Wednesday, not Tuesday. Like all of you, I was just going by what it said on my website. Which had a typo. Sorry about that.

Sorry too to fans of Talbots. I just went by one, and they had some totally cute stuff in the windows. Dr. Jaffe will be informed.

However, SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS and QUEEN OF BABBLE are still out tomorrow. THAT part wasn't a mistake!

I am writing this from the airport, at which I arrived two hours too early. Oh well. Now I have plenty of time to work on my Avalon High manga (I told you guys the manga I am doing is going to be the sequel to Avalon High, right? And it's going to be told in three books [well, three mangas], and take place about two months after the original novel ended)?

No? Well, you know now. So if you happen to see me in an airport over the next three weeks, and I am staring into space or reading SHAPE magazine and NOT working on the mangas, you have my permission to tell me to get to work.


More later.

Much love,