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Status report:

Well, after a few weeks of intensive back-to-back book writing, I have finally gotten a chance to lift my head from my laptop—just in time to go on book tour.

I'll be leaving this week for Book Expo America–the annual convention for booksellers, publishers, educators, and librarians—in Washington DC, where I'll get to sign and hang with over 500 other authors–some of whom will hopefully be accompanied by their spirit guides (so the rest of us will have something to talk about behind their backs).

After BEA, I'm embarking on the first leg of my QUEEN OF BABBLE/SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS tour. Be sure to check here to see if a bookstore in YOUR town invited me. If not, don't worry…there's still time to ask your local bookseller to contact their Harper rep and see if they can arrange for me to come for my Fall tour for my new YA, HOW TO BE POPULAR.

Remember, authors can only go to bookstores that invite them! We do not get to personally choose where we go! If we did, we would all only go to booksignings in Hawaii.

Of course, even though I'm leaving town, I still have plenty of work to do, because a lot of manuscripts just got returned to me for revising. I wish I were one of those authors who could get it right the first time, but apparently, I'm not, and probably never will be.

Right now I am in the throes of what He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog likes to call my Five Stages of Revision—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I'm in the depression stage about one set of revisions, but still in the bargaining stage about the other. We'll see how things go.

On a happier note, we FINALLY sold our other house. Some of you may recall that for over a year now we have been the owners of not one but TWO homes in Key West, a turn of events about which we were less than pleased.

Well, last week a lovely family bought our old house. Now I don't have to worry about boarding up TWO houses for hurricane season. Phew.

Now on to the Media Report:

GILMORE GIRLS finale and AMERICAN IDOL—I hate to say I told you so, but…well, you know.

VANITY FAIR magazine “green issue”–I now know that if global warming isn't halted, rising sea levels could submerge coastal cities (i.e. Key West) within my lifetime—that is, if a hurricane doesn't blow my house away first. When polar bears start to drown because the glaciers they live on are melting, it's time for people who live just a few feet above sea level to start worrying–even if our government doesn't seem particularly concerned.

KATHY GRIFFIN—I loved her new stand-up special on Bravo, “Strong Black Woman.” I am so excited her reality show, “My Life on the D-List,” starts up again on June 6, also on Bravo. I'm thrilled she and husband Matt are reconciled—for now. But I'm still wondering: WHAT HAPPENED? Because if Kathy and Matt, who seemed so cute together, could have problems, what hope do the rest of us have? With any luck, the reality show will tell me more.

BRITNEY—I'm a little upset she didn't tell me she was pregnant. She insisted it was left over baby weight, compounded by Cheetos. Oh, Brit! Hello, it's called Yasmin. Don't you think Kevin has gifted the earth enough with his progeny?

7th HEAVEN—That was supposed to be the series finale, and now I find out the show is going to be continuing on the new WB, CW? It's true I once loved this show and watched it religiously in secret—although I had to stop out of solidarity with curly haired girls after Ruthie started straightening her hair. But now it's going to KEEP GOING? I predict nothing good will come of this.

24—There will be a delay in the airing of tonight's episode because the President (not the one on the show, the REAL president) will be addressing the nation starting at 8PM. I am told 24 will begin the moment the season finale of PRISON BREAK–which airs after the Presidential address–ends. Until that time, we will just have to SUFFER not knowing what is going on with Jean Smart. ARGH!

MOUNT MERAPI—Really, the volcano currently erupting in Indonesia should be the star of the television right now, but can I find it on any channel? No. What gives? Come on. ERUPTING VOLCANO. What could be cooler? GET WITH THE PROGRAM, NEWS MEDIA (PS-More stories on what we as citizens can do to help save the polar bears—not to mention the rest of the planet—from global warming [and also Kevin Federline] might be helpful as well)!

Sigh. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS, coming to this spot soon.

More later.

Much love,