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Wanna chat about your favorite princess and mine?

Well, show up to the Party Princess Online Chat this Sunday at 7PM Eastern Standard Time, where you can ask Mia Thermopolis's creator (that'd be me) anything you want to know about the one girl in the world who DOESN'T want to wear a tiara.

Here is just a sampling of some of the questions you might find the answer to, as well as some of the answers I might give for them…if you show up to the chat, that is:

Q: How many more books in the Princess Diaries series are there going to be?

A: Ten complete novels, with occasional (okay, two more) novellas between.

Q: When does the next Princess Diaries book come out?

A: Sweet Sixteen Princess, Princess Diaries 7-1/2, a novella comes out on May 23, 2006.

Sixteen is the magic number: Mia doesn't always have the best luck with parties, so even though it's her sweet sixteenth, she doesn't want a birthday bash. As usual, Grandmère has other ideas, and thinks a reality TV special is just the thing in order to celebrate royally. The whole scheme smacks of Lilly's doing—Lilly whose own TV show is still only limited to local cable viewers. Will Mia be able to stop Grandmère's plan? Will her friends ever forgive her if she does stop it, since it involves all of them taking the royal jet to Genovia for an extravaganza the likes of which would turn even Paris Hilton green with envy? Why can't Mia get what she really wants: an evening alone with Michael? With a little luck, this sweet sixteen princess might just get her wish–a birthday that's royally romantic.

Q: Do you have a cover for Princess Diaries 8, Princess on the Brink, yet?

A: Why, yes I do. And here it is, along with the cover flap blurb. This book will be out in late December 2006.

It's the start of a new school term – and trouble's already brewing for one disaster-prone princess. On top of Mrs. Martinez daring to suggest that Mia's 'not ready' for Advanced Creative Writing, Grandmere is being booted out of the Plaza during renovations. Can any other hotel in the world live up to Grandmere's standards? As if! But Mia's problems fade to nothing when she hears the most terrible news of all. Michael might be moving…to Japan! Can Mia's perfect prince really love her if he can go away for a year? Or is being halfway around the world from Mia just what Michael needs right now?

Q: Why is this book coming out in December 2006 instead of March 2007, which is when the new Princess Diaries books usually come out?

A: Because we're trying something new.

Q: Are Mia and Michael going to break up if he moves to Japan?

A: You will have to read the book to find out, sorry.

Q: Did you always intend for the Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in the Chili to become a major character?

A: Yes.

Q: Why is Lilly so mean?

A: Because she just is. And I don't think of her as mean, I think of her as curious and surprising, character traits I look for in potential friends.

Q: Are you going to write any more paranormal books like Avalon High and The Mediator series?

A: Yes, look for the final installment in the 1-800-Where-R-U series, Missing You, in stores in March 2007, followed by Jinx, a teen witch story, in stores in September 2007. I have a new Mediator-esque paranormal series in the works, too…but you'll have to wait to see!

Here's a rough of the Missing You cover (sorry, no text on it yet):

All Jessica Mastriani—a problem teen, according to her high school guidance counselor–ever wanted was to be normal. But all of that changed during a walk home on a particularly stormy day. And suddenly, Jess realized she never knew how good she'd had it before. Becoming known worldwide as Lighting Girl—a psychic who could find the location of anyone, dead or alive—Jess had no choice but finally to embrace her lack of normalcy, and eventually ended up lending her newfound talent to the US government.
But her work for them has taken a terrible toll, and Jess returns home months later a shadow of her former self, her powers gone, Lightning Girl no more. But Jess knows her powers aren't the only thing that's gone: she's lost herself, as well. Starting over in a new town, intent on finding a new life in college, Jess is less than happy when Rob Wilkins, her ex, shows up at her door, begging for her help in finding his long lost sister.
But how can Jess, her powers gone, find anyone—let alone the sister of a man she once loved–when she can't even find herself?

Missing You, the fifth and final book in the 1-800-Where-R-You? series.

Q: Will there be any more stand alone funny books, like Teen Idol?

A: Yes. Look for HOW TO BE POPULAR in stores in August 2006:

Do you want to be popular?
–Everyone wants to be popular—or at least, Stephanie Landry does. Steph's been the least popular girl in her class since a certain cherry Super Big Gulp catastrophe five years earlier.
Does being popular matter?
–It matters very much—to Steph. That's why this year, she has a plan to get in with the It Crowd in no time flat. She's got a secret weapon: An old book called—what else?—How to Be Popular.
What does it take to be popular?
–All Steph has to do is follow the instructions in The Book, and soon she'll be partying with the In Crowd (including hot school quarterback Mark Finley).
But don't forget the most important thing about popularity!
–It's easy to become popular. What isn't so easy? Staying that way.

Q: What's the May Meg Cabot Book Club Pick of the Month?

A: Sorry, you'll have to come to Sunday night's chat to find out! Hope to cyber-see you there!

More later.

Much love,