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Want to win a free copy of Party Princess?

To celebrate the fact that The Princess Diaries series is #3 on this week's New York Times Children's Series bestseller list (behind Magic Tree House and Harry Potter), I'll be giving away 10 “Party Princess Packs” to 10 lucky winners. What's a Party Princess Pack, you ask? Well, it includes:

–A copy of Princess Diaries 7, PARTY PRINCESS, the new hardback
–A copy of Princess Diaries 6, PRINCESS IN TRAINING, the new paperback
–A copy of Princess Diaries 5+6 combined (paperback…it's the UK version. I am running out of room in my closet for my shoes, OK? I have to get rid of some of these books.)

How to win? Be one of the first 10 readers to email me with:

1) your complete SNAIL MAIL mailing address
2) the words PARTY PRINCESS PACK in the subject line, and
3) the correct answer to the following Princess Diaries trivia question: “What was the gift that Michael Moscovitz gave to Mia Thermopolis at dinner, the night of her fifteenth birthday?”

(Contest ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time on April 11–yes, Monday night. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Winners only will be notified sometime this week. If you do not get notified, that means you did not win this time, but be sure to play again next time).

In other news, be sure to check and see whether or not you're a Party Princess by taking this month's quiz at The Meg Cabot Book Club.

And did you hear about how much JK Rowling loves Pink's new album? Almost as much as I do.

My mom, Barb Cabot, aka Bad Mommy, is visiting. Therefore, I must go now. I leave you with this:

Celebrity Quote of the Week, Part Deux

Rachel Bilson (from The OC, on last week's episode), to Mischa Barton:
Remember when the boys made us watch that movie about the gay guys on the mountain?

Mischa Barton:
You mean Lord of the Rings?

Rachel Bilson:
Yeah, that one.

More later.

Much love,