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This past week has been totally insane.

Okay, first off, it's always kind of crazy when you have a new book come out, even if you aren't going on tour for it. Because if you aren't going on tour, that means you are home, and are free to look up your book's ranking at the online bookstores, or Google yourself, approximately every two minutes. Or twenty seconds.

But this past week I wasn't even TEMPTED to do the above (I try NEVER to do the above, because the odds are high that you are not going to like whatever you find, and it will ruin the rest of your day).

Because–even though I wasn't on a book tour–I had NO TIME, due to

a) houseguests
b) discovery of puppy on my porch
c) Daylight Savings Time change
d) 13th wedding anniversary (Read about how I ended up getting married on April Fools Day here)

Which reminds me, thank you to blog reader ~*Colleen*~ for your nice anniversary wishes.

Anyway, what is the deal with Daylight Savings Time? I am from Indiana, where, up until recently, we did not change our clocks twice a year, or EVER, for that matter.

And now finally even Indiana has caved! This is just WRONG.

Anyway, about the puppy on the porch: this discovery was very disturbing to He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog, as well as the two cats, who turn out to not to be puppy-people (or puppy-cats).

I, however, loved the puppy very much, and still do, and am secretly (well, maybe not so secretly, since I am posting it here in my blog) sad that I found his real owner (after two days, during which the puppy never left my side, even at night. Which displeased Henrietta. A LOT).

HWSNBNITB and Henrietta and Gem all feel differently about the matter, however. In fact, two of the individuals named in the above sentence actively tried to KILL the puppy (hint: it wasn't HWSNBNITB), and one of them freaked out because the puppy wasn't housebroken yet (hint: it wasn't Henrietta or Gem).

And, okay, I will admit that the puppy turned out to have some digestion problems. And also suffered from separation anxiety which manifested itself through nervous…well, you know.

But I think we could have worked through those problems if, as state previously, I had not found the puppy's real owner (by walking the puppy all over Key West, going, “Have you ever seen this dog before?” to random strangers. Which is why I had no time to Google myself. Although I met a lot of really nice people).

Ultimately, though, I think the visitation from the puppy proved to us all that we are definitely cat, and not dog, people.

Even though I was way too busy cleaning up puppy diarrhea to Google myself this past week, people have been sending me links to some nice stuff about PARTY PRINCESS… and even to a new anthology I've got a short story coming out in, so I thought I'd share:

This week's Entertainment Weekly gives PARTY PRINCESS a B+ (Hey, that is pretty good for Entertainment Weekly), and says: Had Meg Cabot let the whimsical The Princess Diaries progress chronologically after its 2000 debut, HRH Mia Thermopolis might now be partying at a college kegger. Thankfully, in the series' seventh volume, Mia is only a New York high school sophomore, gamely struggling through puberty while balancing her obligations as Genovian royalty. Also returning is Princess's best character: Mia's unrepentant drinking 'n smoking Grandmere, who blackmails the financially strapped Mia into starring in a musical after Mia inadvertently bankrupts her student government. Despite the excessive pop-culture name-dropping (Ellen and Portia, Will and Jada, Jay-Z and Beyonce), Cabot adroitly interweaves comic absurdity with weightier topics in a topsy-turvy mix that recalls adolescence itself.

Personally I don't see what's wrong with mentioning Beyonce in your book. In fact, I personally think Beyonce should be mentioned as often as possible.

But I do see the reviewer's point, considering the fact that Russell Simmons and his wife Kimora broke up last week, and they are mentioned in the book as being a couple you would never want to see break up. But whatever. It's kind of funnier this way.

In non-Princess Diaries-related news, I have another short story that I wrote for an anthology–GIRLS' NIGHT OUT—which will be available at the end of May. Here's a link to a contest about it. And here's the cover:

All the proceeds go to War Child, so remember to pre-order a copy from your local bookseller (come on, it's a paperback…you can afford it. Think of the orphans)!

In media-related news, I would just like to add that So NoTORIous is my new favorite show, and according to People Magazine, Tori's mother is TOO still speaking to her. Also that Jill Carroll is fascinating, the Britney sculpture is kind of fascinating too (but in a very different way than Jill Carroll), Gilmore Girls is dead to me, the Sopranos rule, HWSNBNITB is making me watch 24 and I (sort of) like it (well, I like Chloe and Jean Smart), I still love Ginger on Flip This House, and that Pink's new album rocks.


Last–but far from least—hats off to this enterprising young Indiana native. I predict that you will go far in life, Evan Kelso. Rock on, my Hoosier friend.

More later.

Much love,


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