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Princess Diaries Lowdown

Princess Diaries 7 is on sale already!

Well, okay, ALL my YAs at Barnes and Noble.com are part of the “biggest kids book sale ever” in the Teen Section, including Princess Diaries 7, Party Princess.

Which doesn't mean you can get PARTY PRINCESS before March 28. But it will arrive on your doorstep on March 28 for 20% less than you'd pay in a store if you pre-order it now!

I've been getting tons of questions about the US publication schedule of the next few Princess Diaries books. So here's the lowdown:

Party Princess (PD7) – March 28, 2006
(this book covers March of Mia's sophomore year)

Sweet Sixteen Princess (PD7½) – May 23, 2006
(this book covers April/May of Mia's sophomore year)

Valentine Princess (PD4-1/4ish) – December 1ish, 2006
(originally I put that this was book 3-1/2, but chronologically the action in it takes place between Book 4, Princess in Waiting, and Project Princess, now book 4-1/2. This book begins in June of Mia's 16th year, when she finds her diary entries from February of her freshman year)

Princess On The Brink (PD8) – December 28ish, 2006
(this takes place September of Mia's junior year)

As you can see, the new full length books will be coming out at the end of December from now on, as opposed to the end of March.

And, having plotted out the end of the series, it now looks as if Mia's diaries will continue up to Book 10, Mia's senior year. I know I said I thought it would go to 12 books, but I was wrong. After Book 10, I may go back to take a peek at Mia's diaries periodically, but readers shouldn't count on a new book every year anymore. I'm looking forward to moving on to some new ideas I've been working on (in secret)!

Anyway, I'm back from the Lee County Reading Festival, where I had a very lovely time, as you can see by the photo posted here. I got to meet many cool readers, and hang with fellow YA writers Vivian Vande Velde (whose books are also part of the “biggest sale ever” at BN.com!) and Brad Meltzer (ditto on the biggest sale ever!) and many many more authors who were all super nice.

And Fort Myers is a pretty cool town. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both had winter homes there and you can still tour them and see the GIGANTIC banyan tree T.E. planted, which is still standing.

Truly, that banyan tree is like something from another world. Possibly the world the Scientologists come from (that moon they've discovered off Saturn).

On the downside, I feel bad about an answer I gave during one of my events at the festival. When a mother asked me what girls can do to deal with other girls who might be bullying them, I said, “Dress better than they do.” That was a joke answer, of course. What I really meant was, “Grow up, write a book about them, and get it made into a Disney movie.”

Really, that is the best revenge.

In other news, have you downloaded any KT Tunstall yet? I highly recommend that you do so at once. “Suddenly I See” is my new favorite song (after the Switchblade Kittens' “My Ride,” available on the Rockrgrl Discoveries 2004 CD available here. The other songs on the album rock as well, especially Molly Bancroft's “Hey Cheri.”).

I'll just assume you've all been watching “Cheerleader Nation” and I don't need to say watch it. It rules…as does “Augusta, Gone”–the made-for-Lifetime TV movie I saw last night right after “Cheerleader Nation.” It was a good combo because some of the moms on “Cheerleader Nation” are way overinvolved in their daughters' lives, and the mom on “Augusta, Gone” didn't get involved enough in her daughter's life until it was almost too late. Good stuff.

Here is a conversation I had recently with my friend Beth:

Beth: Did you see the Battlestar Gallactica season finale?

Me: No! And don't tell me, I haven't finished watch—

Beth proceeds to tell me everything that happens in the BSG finale.


Beth: Totally.

Me: But—

Beth: I know.

Me: But how—

Beth: Tell me about it.

Me: Wow.

That is all I have to say for now…I am using this break between houseguests to get a good start on TOMMY SULLIVAN IS A FREAK which is due May 1. So future postings may be brief, and in the words of Cher (from the immortal movie classic CLUELESS), sporadic.

More later.

Much love,