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The good news is….

So I made the mistake of watching the news the other night. Could there BE more bad news? I don't think so.

So I have decided to write my own news. The difference between my news and the rest of the news is that my news is only good news. Yes. I have combed the media (Internet, television, and the many periodicals which arrive at my house), gathering all the good news I could find, which I will now report here to you, the reader.

Why did I do this? Because I care.

Here is just some of the good news:

Good news for insomniacs:
You CAN get to sleep without counting sheep half the night. Try keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees. It creates the ideal environment for sleep (I tried it. It really works!)

Good news for bike lovers:
Dasani (you know, the water), together with the non-profit organization Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, is launching “Blue Bikes,” a program in which state-of-the-art Trek bikes will be available for free use in eight cities in America this summer. Check out their website to see if you live near one of the lucky communities who will get free bikes (click on the link to Blue Bikes).

Good news for all of humanity:
Some of the eight employees who won last week's Powerball (the biggest amount of money ever won in a lottery in the US) continued to come into work at the meat packing plant, even after the press conference announcing their winning, because they didn't want to leave their employers “in a bind.” Now those are some folks who deserve to win the lottery.

Good news for people worried about Vivi, the whippet who went missing at Kennedy Airport:
Whippet prints were found on the beach last night. Live traps have been set.

Good news for people who hate to work out:
Studies show exercising moderately in small bursts (fifteen minutes of brisk walking or gardening or bike riding here and there) several times a day is just as beneficial healthwise as exercising all out for an hour at a time several times a week (phew. I HATE the gym).

Good news for bald eagles:
They've been taken off the endangered species list. In fact, there are so many of them that they are beginning to be a nuisance in some areas, where they eat small pets. And mother hens.

Good news for PMS sufferers who also don't want kids quite yet:
A new birth control pill slated to become available later this year has proven as effective at relieving symptoms of PMS as anti-depressants, while also preventing pregnancy. It's called Yaz and your gynecologist knows all about it (in fact she is probably already on it –unless she's a guy).

Good news for chocolate lovers:
Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants and in small amounts is very good for you.

Good news for Spring Breakers:
Cabo and Fort Lauderdale are so last year. All the cool Spring Breakers are joining Storm Corps for Alternative Spring Break 2006. Find out ways you can spend your Spring Break doing some good for a community in need by going to thinkMTV.

Good news for fans of raisins:
This fat-free snack, so excellent on Cheerios, contains boron, which may sharpen memory, and increase mental alertness and reaction time.

Good news for people who break out when they put on sunscreen:
Use the gel kind intended for water sports. They tend to be less pore-clogging.

Good news for people who like high-fat food and red wine (um, okay, good news for me):
In a recent study, rats who were fed a high-fat diet but also given red wine (equivalent to one to two glasses for day for people) gained half as much weight as rats given high-fat foods but no wine. Procyanidins, an anti-oxidant found in red wine, may boost the body's ability to break down fats—but only if consumed in moderate amounts (i.e. no more than eight ounces per day).

Good news for bird lovers:
I saw the osprey who was roosting in my yard sitting on a GIGANTIC nest out by the ocean…with a GIRLFRIEND!!! Yes. My osprey found a mate (I know it was my osprey because I stared at him enough to recognize him anywhere. Now he's a dad)!

Good news for cat lovers:
You can see an adorable new kitten every day here at The Daily Kitten.

Good news for Jill Sobule fans:
She's started updating her blog again. And has written a funny new song. And has joined Myspace. Not that I'm stalking her. Anymore.

Good news for readers:
Valerie Frankel's HEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL is out. Get a copy right away—it rocks!

Good news for Meg Cabot readers who live in southwest Florida:
You can come to my signing, chat, and Q and A at the Lee County Reading Festival on March 18, 2006 (it's FREE)!

Good news for anyone who wants to talk to me about something but can't make it to the Lee County Reading Festival:
I will be hosting a live chat on my book SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT at the Meg Cabot Book Clubon Sunday, February 26th at 2:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) right here.

That is all the good news for now. If you have some good news you'd like to share, by all means email me at meg@megcabot.com. If your good news makes the cut, you might get to see your name right here!

More later.

Much love,


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