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I've been telling you all for weeks that AMERICAN IDOL is guilty of something. Well, now, I have definitive proof.

But before we get to that, the latest news:

I was almost lifted from the suck zone by last night's Extreme Home Makeover. How could I feel badly for myself when that poor single mom can't DANCE or even go up the stairs anymore because of MS?

Thank God the Extreme Home Makeover team showed up…not to mention Montel.

Also…SNOW!!!! How much fun was that blizzard that hit the Northeast? And okay, I was only watching it on satellite from Florida. But still. It looks so pretty! And it was cold here in Key West, too. Like, it fully got down to 60! I had to turn off the air conditioning.

And what about the Olympics? Did you check out those opening ceremonies? What was up with the 80s music during the Parade of Nations? For instance, why did Hungary get “Burn Baby Burn”? Was that like a subliminal message?

I liked Venus on the Half Shell though. Oh, and the flame is cool. I'm sort of torn about who to support in the women's skating though now that Michelle Kwan has dropped out. I like Sasha Cohen, but Emily Hughes is cool, too. And then there's that other one. Oh, well, I'll just have to support them all.

Anyway, on to American Idol:

Okay, I don't actually have proof of what I've long suspected the show represents–nerd persecution.

But here is proof of persecution of another kind. And it shows what I've been saying all along–that AMERICAN IDOL sucks! Because it's just about mocking people who have a dream! This blog has received an EXCLUSIVE report from an actual American Idol wannabe, who has been through the American Idol audition process—and is now eager to reveal THE TRUTH about it!

And I can personally testify that this particular singer has one of the best voices I have ever heard. Julie Beckham, whom I met when she was a student at New York University, is an EXTREMELY talented actress and singer. I have seen her in many shows, some just a block or two off Broadway, and she sings like an angel (which is funny because she actually kind of looks like the original angel in the Philadelphia cream cheese commercials. See her photo below).

Julie is BRILLIANT. So brilliant that after graduating from NYU, she even opened her own drama studio for kids in Boston (check it out here.)

But not only can Julie sing and act (and teach), she's got the WHOLE package…she's also cute as a button! Here's a picture:

Seriously. Look how cute.

How could Simon possibly have resisted that face?

Well, it's easy—HE NEVER EVEN SAW IT!!!!

I'll let Julie herself explain. AMERICAN IDOL wannabes, here is a personal account of one extremely talented singer's experience at the Boston auditions for American Idol. Beware–it's NOT pretty:

Julie Beckham, guest blogger, in her own words:

Reality bites for all but 28 of the American Idol contestants who showed up at Gillette Stadium in the rainy wake of Hurricane Katrina way back in August. Oh – did I say reality? Forgive me. But don't forgive the American Idol producers who fool you into thinking that this “contest” is based on reality.

A few facts:

1: The hours of waiting in the rain took place in August with thousands of people who did NOT include Simon, Randy, Paula or even Ryan.

2: The contestants you did see on television Tuesday night may have had to wait hours to sing in August but they were also given a call back slip, two months notice and a warm plush seat in a Boston hotel events room in which to sit and wait to sing again in October.

3: We are the suckers who set reminders on our cable every week to watch what has become a mockery of a singing contest.

“Bitter, table for one?” Maybe. But I was at Gillette Stadium in August so I know what I'm talking about. Good or bad, gorgeous or completely awkward, most of the soaking wet people packed into the stadium last August honestly thought they could sing. Someone in their lives told them this and so they traveled hours, took sick days, quit their jobs because they thought this might be their big break.

And for 28 of them, it may have been worth the trip. But for thousands of others who were rejected without even a glimpse of the trio of judges, it was not. Still, I bet they still tuned in, just as I did, to watch what their fellow Bostonians had to offer Hollywood and found that the hours waiting and the hours watching were a big old waste of time.

It took Oprah longer than we all expected for her to get mad and admit she felt “duped” by James Frey for writing a memoir full of fiction. How many seasons of American Idol are we going to have to endure before we admit that this is no “singing competition” as Simon Cowell likes to say with his clever British accent, but a SHOW! Based on reality yes, but not real.

The contestants we saw Tuesday night on FOX were hand picked from thousands to make you believe that you too could have a shot at fame and fortune. But more than half of these young people were picked so that you would laugh at them for having a dream, for thinking that they could be someone important, for believing that they could make a better life for themselves than the one they have now.

And the sad part of this story is that they were set up for this. They were given “golden tickets” at Gillette Stadium. They were screened, interviewed, told to prepare and come back and sing again in two months. They were the chosen ones, put up on pedestals to be shot down on National television.

And we've been set up too.


To which I will only add—YEAH!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!! AMERICAN IDOL is a scam! Those are NOT America's most talented up there…not by a long shot! And what is so great about a show that makes fun of people just for having a dream, anyway?

But I still like Kelly Clarkson.

A lot of you have been writing to ask what I'm doing for Valentine's Day. You're joking, right? I HATE Valentine's Day. It's almost as big a scam as AMERICAN IDOL. What more can I say about Valentine's Day that I haven't said here before?

But that doesn't mean I don't have a VERY SPECIAL VALENTINE for you. Check this blog for it tomorrow.

More later.

Much love,


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