Meg's Blog


It is I, Henrietta Cabot! Once again I have taken over this blog!

Meg is much too busy working on Princess Diaries 8 to notice what I am doing, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to take over her blog and urge you to watch Meg's new Vid-Lit. You can see it here. Be sure to turn on the sound.

What is a Vid-Lit, you ask? Does it really matter? No, my friends, it does not. All that matters is that this particular Vid-Lit stars ME, Henrietta Cabot.

You can see that I am pictured far more frequently than any other cat, particularly that black and white cat who has now moved in (at the time the Vid-Lit was shot, she was still only visiting). Neither Meg nor He Who Will Not Feed Me knows what a nefarious evil-doer that this cat is, though I TRY to tell them all the time (sadly, they still do not speak Cat). Only yesterday, I observed this cat drinking out of the pool, and then fighting with Mookie, the cat from next door. Not to mention she harasses poor Herbie from the house behind ours, Mia from across the street, Precious from the corner, and both Trumpet AND Velcro from down the street. And they are senior catizens!

But what does That Cat care? She has no mercy, as illustrated by her murderous Christmas ornament tendencies.

Of course, she hasn't come near ME, because I outweigh her by a good 6 pounds. Also, I don't mind telling you, I can kick ass when I need to. I'm from Brooklyn, you know.

In other news, I was of course devastated by the cancellation of the All American Girl movie, in which I hoped to star. But my spirits have again been lifted by my starring role in Meg's Vid-Lit, and by the possibility of parlaying that into my playing Jenny in the movie of TEEN IDOL, if it ever gets made.

Yes, I know it's a long shot, but I'm a cat with a dream. NO ONE is going to stand in my way. Not this time.

Move over, Reese Witherspoon. It's Henrietta Time.

More later.

Much love,