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Good Lord, so much has been happening, I don't know how we'll ever catch up.

I guess we should just start at the beginning:

First off, a moment of silence please for Chris Penn, of FOOTLOOSE fame. As you know, he died. He was brothers with Sean and Michael Penn. Michael is married to Aimee Mann of Til Tuesday fame—well, okay, I guess she's had a pretty good solo career as well—and he also wrote “No Myth (Romeo in Black Jeans),” Tina Hakim Baba's favorite song (and one of mine, too. In fact I am listening to it as I write this).

A moment of silence too for the dead whale in London. Also for Toga the baby penguin. Although I like to think Toga is not dead but is living in some mansion owned by a collector of exotic birds who commissioned his abduction and hand feeds him baby penguin formula all day from a golden bottle.

Elsewhere, Avalon High is holding fast at #3 on the New York Times Children's Chapter Bestseller List. And reviews continue to pour in for Size 12. Here's a funny one from the Detroit Free Press (you have to scroll to the end to see it, it's the last book). They say it's more a romance than a mystery, which I don't mind, since other people seem to agree. It's been reviewed on a lot of romance review sites, like this very funny one and this other fun
one (a B from Blythe is a actually a good grade, she is very strict).

What, me? Googling myself lately? I don't know what you're talking about.

Avalon High got a very tardy but still very much appreciated review in Publishers Weekly that called it “clever” and went on to say that “readers will be swept up in the fantasy framework (and likely be willing to accept some delectably outrageous plotting).” And www.teenreads.com has some nice things to say about it too. I will be hosting a live chat on this book tomorrow afternoon at 4PM EST (corrected from earlier post of 5PM. It's 4PM) here. Please stop by if you get a chance! I might even give out a spoiler or two about Princess Diaries 7.

Speaking of delectably outrageous plotting, I saw from the previews of next week's episode that we may have another Oliver on our hands on The OC. This is very disappointing. I think it is unreasonable of the writers to expect us to believe a girl could have more than one Oliver in her life. And frankly I'm not too thrilled about Seth's new hobby, because it is not being portrayed very realistically. Are we honestly supposed to believe he sat in that room from 10AM until 3:30PM and never once left to forage in the Cohens' kitchen for Doritos, beef jerky, and Vanilla Swiss Almond Haagen Dazs? Puh-lease.

I have not seen all of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL on the Disney Channel yet, but what I have seen of it (singing basketball players) I like. It is currently the #1 top selling album on iTunes so they must have done something right.

Re: AMERICAN IDOL, I'm sorry, but there is nothing entertaining to me about watching other people ridiculed to their faces just for having a dream—even a silly dream. To me, this smacks of Nerd Persecution, a problem with which nerds like myself have been struggling for centuries.

And okay, I will admit that thinking you can sing when you can't isn't a belief held solely by nerds. But that doesn't mean that AMERICAN IDOL (at least in the preliminary rounds, before they've narrowed it down to the truly talented ten or whatever) isn't guilty of nerd persecution. And I will have no part of it.

Please do your civic duty and vote in something I DO believe in–this year's Bloggies elections. Two of my favorite blogs are nominated in multiple categories—Go Fug Yourself and Cute Overload. I am not telling you to vote for them, but I AM saying, if you like funny and cute stuff, and want to see more quality funny and cute stuff on the Internet, now is your chance to make your voice heard. Vote here.

Meanwhile, things aren't going that well on the Poundie Front. I managed to lose a few but then some mysteriously crept back. I am not sure how this happened. Of course I emailed Dr. Michele Jaffe, and asked her what I should do. She said to drink more water and weigh myself less. Since I always follow doctor's orders, I am doing so, plus re-doubling my efforts at cutting back on the French bread and butter. I have to admit I'm sort of enjoying my bike rides. I have found that now, when I'm blocked on something in the book I'm writing (PD8, for those who care, and it's due February 1, which also happens to be my 39th birthday. And no, it will not be done in time), I just hop on my bike and go around the island and by the time I get back, I know how to fix whatever is not working.

Seriously, exercise appears to be the cure for writer's block. At least for me. It seems to work better than watching the Lifetime Channel, anyway.

In fact, I think I have to do some bike riding right now. Because I have no idea what I'm going to write about in next week's blog.

Don't forget tomorrow afternoon's Meg Cabot Book Club chat on AVALON HIGH, 4PM EST, right here!

More later.

Much love,