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Welcome to Megcabot.com! No, really, you're in the right place! The site just underwent a little makeover. Well, okay, a BIG MAKEOVER–the mother of all Extreme Homepage Makeovers.

You would not believe what hard-working Colleen and her crew went through in order to get this site up and running in time for AVALON HIGH and SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT to come out. Walking long distances to the office during a transit strike, just for this, for one thing! And I cannot thank everyone involved enough for that.

So if you have a free moment, email me with your thoughts/comments/praise (there better be lots of praise), and I will be sure to pass them on to Colleen. There may still be a glitch here and there, but we wanted to get the site up in time for—yes, you guessed it—Chrismukkah. Well, and the New Year, too, of course.

So take a look around, enjoy the fancy new features and photos and excerpts and fun stuff, and remember—even more is coming!

Because we here at Cabot Central will never rest until you, the reader, are happy (well, 58% happy, anyway).

More later.

Much love,


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