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Go here if you are feeling low on holiday cheer. Then click on TV ads, turn up your sound, and enjoy.

Yes! Now you can download my favorite Christmas ad, called The Countdown!

And yeah, okay, it's an ad. But it's so fun and pretty! And the song is so great (you can download it, too)!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me to buck up after my crying jag at the vet's office yesterday. I am feeling much better now, thank you. I had a restorative bout of retail therapy this morning at Benenu, one of my favorite clothing shops in Key West (it's important, while you're busy buying for others, to get yourself a little something, too), and then got my nails done, so you can't even tell I bite them. Much. Ah, the miracles of modern nail science.

In other news, keep checking this site…it may have a new look soon…very soon…like any time now. Seriously.

More later.

Much love,