Meg's Blog


I just had a holiday breakdown at the vet's office.

I went in to get thyroid pills for Henrietta and the lady at the counter couldn't give me any because I was supposed to have brought Henrietta in for blood work after 30 days, and it's been 33 days.


I was MORTIFIED. But that didn't stop me from weeping that I just got back from being out of town at my grandfather's funeral, and what's more, I BROUGHT Henrietta in two weeks ago for an ear infection and no one there said ANYTHING about blood work.

And then this other lady tried to calm me down by telling me about her boyfriend's kite store, which was very nice of her, and finally Mike, my cat sitter, came out and was like, “Meg? Are you all right?”

I swear I have never had anything like that happen before. I HAVE TURNED INTO ONE OF THOSE CRAZY PEOPLE WHO CRY AT RETAIL COUNTERS!!!

And it was like I could see from their horrified reactions what I'd become, BUT I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF!!!!!!

I blame holiday-induced stress, in particular UPS who took 7 BUSINESS DAYS to deliver the presents I bought for everyone in Denver and over-nighted to myself from the hotel. Apparently, to UPS, overnight express means it will be there in 7 BUSINESS DAYS, which meant that, instead of being AHEAD of the game, like I thought I'd be, I had to overnight all my presents to everyone TODAY, instead of being able to send them by regular mail last week.

They gave me the pills, in the end.

But now I can never show my face there again.

Fortunately I downloaded SEPTEMBER by Earth, Wind & Fire, and feel much better now. I heartily recommend you do the same if a holiday breakdown strikes you, too.

More later.

Much love,