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Here's a fun Avalon High Review from Kirkus:

(remember the cream-colored parts of this cover will be PURE SOLID GOLD)

“The author of the Princess Diaries series tackles a royal family of more ancient and mythical lineage in this fun, suspenseful retelling of the King Arthur legend. Elaine is the daughter of two medieval scholars. Named after the Lady of Shallot, Elaine immediately finds herself in with the “in crowd” at her new high school and hopelessly attracted to Will, all-around leader, football hero, and wonderful guy.” (This section of the review deleted because it gives away too many spoilers.) “The prose and story gallop along with a style that will easily appeal to fans of both fantasy and realistic fiction alike. Very nicely done.”

Also, they changed the cover for the UK edition of this book. Here it is:

You can win free copies of the US edition of AVALON HIGH (when it comes out at the end of the month) here. Be sure to check out my Cosmo First piece in the December issue of CosmoGirl. You can't be funny if you haven't been sad, and the Cosmo First piece is about a sad period in my life that—at least judging from the mail I've received about it—a lot of readers can, unfortunately, relate to.

More later.

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PS Have I mentioned my other new book, SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT, also comes out on December 27, as well as the long-awaited paperback of TWILIGHT, Mediator 6?

Well, now you know. In case I forgot to tell you.