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So if you live in the US you are probably preparing for Thanksgiving right now, which is a national holiday here on Thursday, where everybody gets together for the sole purpose of consuming a GIGANTIC MEAL (oh…and giving thanks).

Then we all sit around in a daze watching football and/or Christmas movies, until the stores open on Friday. Then, following old Pilgrim custom, we shop.

Thanksgiving is a holiday I can totally get behind, even though I don't approve of the way our forefathers (well, not mine, actually, because mine came over as very poor tradesmen from Ireland and Italy in the late 1800s and had nothing to do with the Trail of Tears etc) treated the Native Americans, and I actually don't like gravy or stuffing or even turkey unless it's fried or part of a sandwich (I acknowledge that I am a freak in this way. Seriously, you don't need to write and tell me so).

Anyway, last year at this time I was preparing to host my entire immediate family (minus my dad because he is dead, and my youngest brother because he stopped attending our family functions when he was 16), and I was quite nervous that my niece might fall out the window (she didn't. Click here and scroll to the November 22 entry for more on why this was such a fear).

This Thanksgiving I now have TWO nieces, but I don't have to worry about either of them falling out the window, since my family is spending the holiday this year with their various in-laws (my brother with his wife's family, my mother with her boyfriend's family).

As the majority of my own in-laws are still not speaking to me, due to what I like to call the Hideous Booger Incident, for which I have still not been forgiven, even though it happened almost four years ago–and it was not even my booger: I was the booger victim, not the booger perpetrator…yet another case of people blaming the victim–I was somewhat at a loss as to whom I'd be sharing my fried turkey with.

Happily, we found some orphans (well, not REAL orphans, but adults who similarly find themselves sans family for the holiday), and we are all getting together for what will hopefully will be a fun day of gorging, with none of the usual high drama that can creep into holiday gatherings at which family is present (well, not MY family, per se, as, even though we are of Irish/Italian descent, the only one in my family who is prone to unnecessary drama at such gatherings—the aforementioned youngest brother—has dropped out of attending them).

So He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog is busy preparing the menu, and I am helping by watching the Food Network. Although I am finding it less than inspiring lately because they keep showing the SAME Thanksgiving shows over and over.

Fortunately one source of pre-holiday stress has been alleviated (besides the fact that I never have to worry about my in-laws dropping by for a visit unannounced…actually, if you think about it, this is something else I should be giving thanks for):

It seems that Henrietta's recent (well, for the past four months) decision to rise at 5AM every day and scream in my face until I get up was actually not a result of natural aging, as I'd begun to fear, but a symptom of an illness. Thank goodness I took her to the vet and got her a full blood work up, even though that was her only symptom (aside from a tendency to walk around with her head cocked to one side).

Because Henrietta has a thyroid disease! Yes! She has to take a pill every day now. And, amazingly, the pill makes her STOP GETTING UP AT 5AM!!! YES!!!! She sleeps until I wake up now, and THEN starts screaming in my face…but only AFTER she's seen me open my eyes!!!!

It is amazing what medical science can do.

In other news, did the writers over at GILMORE GIRLS go crazy all at the same time? (SPOILER) Christopher is a millionaire? Luke has an illegitimate daughter? Maybe Randy Quaid and Shannen Doherty will drop by Stars Hollow and start making out soon.

Meanwhile, how good is the new HARRY POTTER movie? Although I don't know how much longer Daniel Radcliffe is going to be able to portray a teen. When he was getting out of the lake, did you check out the leg hair? I don't even want to talk about the bathtub scene. I am certainly in support of him playing Harry for the next three movies. In fact, I support this very much.

I missed the episode of THE OC in which we all got to see Mischa Barton's nipple. This is what happens when you STILL don't have cable or the Internet due to Hurricane Wilma. When will our cable, and thus Internet and TiVo and DVR, be restored? No one in Southern Florida knows, as Comcast has stopped answering their phones.

While I can sympathize with Comcast (I myself now have over 8,000 unread emails in my in-box, many of which are emails informing me about how much the authors of previous emails hate me for not answering said previous emails, which just makes me shy away from reading the rest of them, since who likes to open their in-box to be abused? This is also why I have an unlisted number and Caller ID), I really wish we could get our service back in time for my holiday shopping. Because otherwise everyone is going to get a gift certificate to stores that exist only here in Key West, and which they will have to travel here to use.

Although that might actually be a good way to lure my family back here for NEXT Thanksgiving.

Anyway, enjoy your own holiday, and if you live in a place that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, have a snack and just think about all the things in your life you have to be thankful for, such as Harry Potter and cat medicine.

More later.

Much love,


PS—I hope you'll all have recovered from your food comas in time to log on with tons of questions for author Wendy Mass, who will be joining us for a LIVE CHAT about her excellent book, A Mango-Shaped Space. on Sunday, November 27 at 2PM right here–so long as she hasn't gone into labor with the TWINS she's expecting–Congratulations, Wendy! I swear if you let me babysit I won't let them near a window!