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I will be posting the winning entry of the CATEGORY SEVEN recap contest after the contest deadline has passed tomorrow night, and I have had time to read all the entries. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my answers to these FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

***Meg, why isn't there anything about HOLIDAY PRINCESS on your website?***

There will be. Very, very soon. This site is getting a major overhaul and should be finished in time for the releases of AVALON HIGH and SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT in December.

***Meg, why can't I find the 2006 Princess Diaries Engagement Calendar in my local bookstore?***

Because unless you live in the UK, there IS no 2006 Princess Diaries Engagement Calendar. They only did a UK version for 2006, not a US one. You can buy the UK version at www.amazon.co.uk.

***Meg, in the UK, there is a new book called MIA'S GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS. How is that different than HOLIDAY PRINCESS?***

Mia's Guide to Christmas combines the text from both HOLIDAY PRINCESS and last year's US release, PRINCESS PRESENT, into one book. That is why it looks extra long.

***Meg, will there be more Princess Diaries books after Book 6?***

Yes. PARTY PRINCESS, Princess Diaries 7, will be out in March, followed by SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS, a novella about Princess Mia's sweet sixteen, in May, followed by Princess Diaries 8 in March 2007. At this point, I don't believe the series is going to last much longer than 10-12 books, depending on how quickly things move in 8 and 9 (and yes, I do have the last book plotted. I am just not sure how many books it will take to the last month of Mia's senior year, which is when the series ends. Although we may periodically check in on her from time to time after that.)

***Meg, will there be anymore Mediator books?***

No. I only planned 6 books for that series. The story ended at TWILIGHT. I have many more ideas for more paranormal series like the Mediator series that I promise you will like even better. I just don't have time to write them because I have to keep updating this blog.

***Will there be anymore 1-800-WHERE-R-U books?***

Yes, I am writing the fifth and final book in the series now. Please don't ask me about it or you will make my head explode.

***Do Mia and Michael break up in Book 7***

This would constitute a spoiler, so I am not telling.

***Meg, why did you make Sam have sex with David in READY OR NOT? I don't believe in pre-marital sex.***

But not every girl is like you. I myself am a strong believer in trying on pants before I buy them. Of course, I don't even try the pants on until they've told me they love me and have forsaken all others, and we have known each other for quite some time (hint: longer than a month. And no, I am not worried about the pants selling to someone else while I make them wait. If they were meant to be my pants, they'll wait for me). And of course, I always wear panties when I am trying on strange pants, so I don't catch any diseases, or, God forbid, get pregnant. That's just the kind of girl I am, and I guess that's the kind of girl Sam is, too.

***So does that mean Mia is going to have pre-marital sex, too?***

This would constitute a spoiler.

***Meg, I like this boy, should I ask him out?***


***But he–***

Still yes.

***But my friends–***

I don't care. Ask him out. You will always regret it if you don't. The worst he can do is say no. And if he does, then you will know for sure that he is a jerk and can move on to a guy who isn't a jerk.

***Meg, is Raven still playing Sam in the All American Girl movie?***

No. There is no All American Girl movie being made at this time.

***Meg, was that you in Princess Diaries 2, in the slumber party scene? I thought I saw you. Did you have a cameo?***


***Meg, are you evacuating for Tropical Depression 27?***


***Meg, what are you watching on TV these days?***

I'm so glad you asked:

Gilmore Girls on WB
Degrassi Next Generation on the N
House on Fox
Weeds on Showtime

That's it. It's really depressing, actually. As you know, because of Wilma I still don't have cable or the ability to TiVo or DVR anything, so if I'm not home on certain nights, and I'm often not, I just miss everything, like Lost and Veronica Mars. I must say that the BBC version of The Office has spoiled me for all televsion. Everything else just pales in comparison.

***Meg, I really want to be a writer when I grow up, do you have any tips for me?***

Yes, go to medical school.

But since you won't listen to me, go to the Writing Forum of www.megcabotbookclub.com and read the tips I've posted there.

***Meg, why do you look so different in real life than you do in your photos?***

Because the photos posted on this site are really old, and I hate getting my picture taken, so there aren't any new ones, except the ones you've seen on this blog, and the ones you'll see on the new site, when it goes up.

***Meg, why don't you mention your husband's name in your blog?***

Because he is very private and doesn't want his exgirlfriends Googling him and then finding this blog and reading all about his personal life.

***Meg, how are Henrietta and Gem doing?***

They are fine. They are still in the stage where they actively ignore one another. Staring contests seem to be the most aggressive they will get.

***Meg, when is your next live chat?***

Thanks for asking! Join me and author Wendy Mass at 2PM on Sunday, November 27, for a live chat about Wendy's FANTASTIC book, A MANGO SHAPED SPACE, at www.megcabotbookclub.com. And there's still time to register to win copies of Mango, as well as HOLIDAY PRINCESS, on the contest page! Sign up now!

Well, that's it for now. Must go read more recaps. More later.

Much love,