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Okay, so I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, it looks like I will not be home from the bar mitzvah I have to go to in time to watch the conclusion of the television event of the year, CATEGORY SEVEN, and Internet and cable service has still not been restored to my area since Wilma, so I can't TiVo or DVR it.

And no, I don't have a VCR or a recordable DVD player (that I know how to work).

The good news is that I will send a FREE autographed advanced reader copy of EITHER Size Twelve is Not Fat, Avalon High, OR Princess Diaries 7 to the person who transcribes Cat Seven in the most humorous manner and emails it to me so that I can post it in my blog. The hitch is that only ONE of you will win.

But you will win not only a free ARC of your choice, but also eternal blog immortality.

Entries are due no later than midnight US EST Wednesday, November 16. Please include a snail mail address so I can send your prize, as well as your pick of which ARC you would like to receive. You will be notified in the event your entry won.

Please, I am begging you: do not leave us in suspense—does Shannon Doherty get killed by the flying arm of the Statue Liberty? WE MUST KNOW!!! It's up to all of you—DON'T LET US DOWN!!!!

More later.

Much love,