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I will admit it's hard to knit and chat at the same time…if you're cyber-chatting, that is.

But that's what we've got planned for this Sunday at 2PM (Eastern standard time): a massive knit-and-chat with author of the Meg Cabot Book Club's October pick of the month CHICKS WITH STICKS.

But don't worry…you don't need to know how to knit (or ever even intend to learn to knit) to come to the chat! Just log on with tons of questions for author Elizabeth Lenhard, who will be joining us LIVE, and who is eager to answer all your questions about her book, writing, getting published, and, of course, knitting.

I would like to point out that despite my best intentions, I have yet to learn how to knit a stitch. However, I will be at the chat, as well (and I will have to use dial up to get there!). So before (or after) all those Halloween parties you've got planned, come to the CHICKS WITH STICKS chat on Sunday, October 30 at 2PM right here.

In other news, I have been watching media coverage of Wilma, and I have to say, very few reporters are getting it right. For one thing, Key West was NOT blown off the map. We are still here. We even have power and running water (though, sadly, not cable. Or broadband).

It is true that most people who own waterfront property experienced flood damage—as a friend who was flooded explained, “I'm used to looking out my living room window to see the ocean. I never expected to see the ocean in MY LIVING ROOM.”

The strangest thing, she says, was that the water was still that beautiful pale blue/green of the Keys seawater. Only it was in her house.

But fortunately, neither of my homes (oh, wait…you didn't know I still haven't sold my last house? Yeah. I still have two houses down here) are on the ocean, so they weren't damaged by Wilma.

It is also not true, despite what the media is insisting, that those “Conchs” who didn't evacuate now regret it. I have not talked to a single person—including my friend who had the ocean in her living room—who regrets not evacuating. If she, for instance, had evacuated, what would have happened to her six cats, one of whom, Peggy, doesn't have legs????

Which reminds me of ANOTHER rumor: It is NOT true that cats know instinctively where to go during a hurricane. Maybe those elephants knew to run uphill when that tsunami came, but cats? When a wall of water is coming at them, a cat's instinct is to run UNDER something…a fact of which we, sadly, have definitive proof here in the Keys.

Many of the stray cats in and about Key West sought shelter from the storm under houses (houses here are built raised off the ground—no basements—so that when it DOES flood, water runs UNDER the house, instead of INTO it. At least, if the water doesn't rise more than a few feet).

Well, in the case of a flood, any cat under a house becomes trapped. Sadly, quite a few Key West cats lost their lives this way…

So to all those people who say it's okay to leave a cat out during a hurricane…it's NOT! (After a careful count, it has been determined that all cats in my neighborhood made it through the storm.)

And now what you've all been waiting for: the Key West Real World kids were some of the few residents to evacuate. I was kind of disappointed to hear this, because I would have enjoyed watching the footage of them freaking out as the storm lashed all around them.

But apparently they and their film crew left town for the storm. Wilma has to have been a blow for MTV because the whole point of being in Key West was to film the kids at Fantasyfest, the annual pre-Halloween mardi gras-like parade they have here, where many elderly people run around naked with their bodies painted (note: not just elderly people, but for some reason the naked ones do tend to be people whom you'd really rather not see naked, such as your Geometry teacher. I am not kidding. By the way, my friends and I do not participate in Fantasyfest. Though many of us watch).

Now they have had to postpone Fantasyfest until December 7. I just hope the Real World kids will still be here. Because I can't WAIT to see Fantasyfest on MTV.

Lastly, I have come to an epiphany about all the manuscripts I have to rewrite: yes, we all HATE rewriting (the righteous amongst us, anyway), but there is no question that after we've rewritten something, it comes out better. I guess that's why they call them REvisions…you have to have already HAD the vision once in order to have it again, this time the right way.

On that note, I will say adieu for the time being. Don't forget to come to the CHICKS WITH STICKS chat on Sunday at 2PM here.

Come on. You know you want to ask me what book I have coming out November 1 (ha! Bet you didn't even know I HAVE a book coming out on November 1, did you? Well, come to the chat and I'll tell you all about it).

More later.

Much love,