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Wow. So it turns out author Marian Keyes already wrote an essay in her new book about how it's ok to be a feminist and wear lip gloss, and she called it “The F Word” (thanks to alert UK readers for the heads up on this) just like I did in my last blog entry.

I haven't actually read her essay, although I do read Marian Keyes' work whenever I get the chance. Could this possibly be a case of simultaneous discovery (which you will recall is what happened to Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace with that whole natural selection thing. Although maybe it's more like that time Brenda and Kelly wore the same dresses to the prom on BEVERLY HILLS 90210)?

On the other hand, maybe Marian's essay was printed somewhere before and I read it and just forget about it and thought I'd come up with it all on my own. This happens to me A LOT (which is why so many of my books contain characters with the exact same name as characters in other, completely different books I've written. This is what happens when you've written over 40 books populated by hundreds of characters for whom you have to come up with unique names that A. don't belong to people you already know who will then accuse you of writing about them, or B. haven't been used before. It's not easy).

I read that if you eat one serving of fish containing Omega 3 fatty acids per week you can restore your memory—or at least keep from losing more of it as you age–so I've upped my smoked salmon intake. Hopefully it will start kicking in soon.

In other news, Suzanne Whang on HOUSE HUNTERS (HGTV) has grown out her bangs, and is using her hands to gesticulate when she speaks. I salute Suzanne for her pluck and courage in this endeavor. You may be interested to know that Suzanne, when she isn't hosting HOUSE HUNTERS, is a stand-up comic who calls herself Little. Yellow. Different. Better on her website. You rock, Suzanne Whang. Now update your blog.

If you are looking for a good comfort read, the Meg Cabot Book Club's October pick of the month, Elizabeth Lenhard's CHICKS WITH STICKS, is sooooo good. I read it on a bumpy plane ride during Hurricane Rita, and it completely soothed me. So if it can do that for a nervous traveler, imagine what it can do for you, at home in your comfy bed.

And you don't need to know how to knit or ever even intend to learn to knit to enjoy it. Basically, it's like Traveling Pants, only better, because there's no magic pants involved…the girls solve their own problems, which is how Real Girls do things. We'll be chatting LIVE with Elizabeth about her book on Sunday, October 30 at 2PM here, so you still have plenty of time to read the book and then come chat about it. Do try to show up, as Elizabeth is a delight.

What I am rocking to as I write this: Liz Phair's great new album.

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MORE FREE STUFF: If you're strapped for cash, get downloads from this site (all the fab artists represented here have agreed to share their music). I particularly recommend the band Lola, of which my friend Sophia was a member. And yes, the song “Nothing Ever Happens” was in the FREAKY FRIDAY remake (but didn't make it to the official soundtrack). Good ear, people!

Meanwhile, does anyone know what Paris Hilton is thinking? I mean, it is one thing to break up with your Greek billionaire boyfriend, but it is quite another to steal the Greek billionaire boyfriend of one of the Olson twins. For shame, Paris. Could this be why Mary Kate dropped out of NYU? I hope not. You shouldn't base your academic decisions on romantic travails (although this worked for Elle Wood in LEGALLY BLONDE).

Anyway, hopefully Paris will respond soon to one of my text messages, and we'll be able to get an explanation from her.

Britney hasn't responded to any of my text messages about her new perfume ad campaign, which plays incessantly during DEGRASSI, but that's a little more understandable, given that she's breastfeeding and married to Kevin and all. I, like the rest of America, was pretty much horror-stricken by Britney's portrayal in this thirty second ad as a goddess who is hunted down like an eight point buck by Kevin, who appears to be disguised as a cross between Brad Pitt in TROY and Johnny Depp from 21 JUMP STREET.

What bothers me most is the arrow Kevin shoots into Brit's spine. I mean, we all know Kevin is Hollywood's resident Sperminator, but come on, do we have to be hit over the head with it? I wish the arrow had burst into sparkles or something when it hit her, instead of turning into a big ugly red toilet plunger. So not erotic. But probably pretty much representative of their love life (no, I don't know what I mean by that but if there IS something you can do with a big ugly red toilet plunger during sex, I bet Kevin has tried it. I'm just saying).

Maybe Brit will call soon with an explanation. I hope so. Otherwise I will continue to avert my gaze.

More later.

Much love,