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Catching Up

My eye is much better now, thank you. I put this stuff in it that my doctor gave me, and the next day, it was fine. I love medicine.

People are asking a lot of questions about stuff, so I'll see if I can answer them real quick here, as I now have 4,768 unread emails in my inbox, and I really don't think I am going to read any of them soon, as I have a book due Sept 1. Have I mentioned that? Also that I won't be updating this blog much until then?

Anyway, firstly, no, there is no longer going to be an ALL AMERICAN GIRL movie. I mean, there might be, but it won't be with Disney or with Raven. Disney passed on the screenplay, which means the rights reverted back to me, and so far as I know, no one else has optioned them (this could change at any time).

So Henrietta's dream, of playing Sam, is alive again. She is, as I'm sure you can imagine, over the moon about this, and quite frankly impossible to live with at the moment.

I have some sneak peeks at a few covers to show you. This is a rough draft of how my December 27, 2005 release, SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT, is going to look:

It will be something—but not exactly—like the above. Cute, huh? Here is the back cover copy (not exactly, but it will be something like this):


When you peak at fifteen, where can things go but downhill?

Former teen pop sensation Heather Wells has hit rock bottom: tired of singing other people's lyrics, she hasn't exactly been bombarded with recording contracts for her own songs. Worse, Dad's in jail, Mom's bolted for Buenos Aires with the contents of her only daughter's bank account, and Heather can't seem to stop drowning her sorrows in Kit Kat bars. At least she's still got her fiancé, former boy band heartthrob Jordan Cartwright…

Until Jordan's onstage crotch-grabbing extends into his personal life, and Heather finds herself replaced–on the charts as well as in Jordan's bed–by America's newest number one pop sensation, Tania Trace. Now Heather's hitting the New York City streets, looking for work and a place to set her guitar.

But when she finds a job in a college dorm–right around the corner from her temporary digs in an attic apartment belonging to the Cartwright family's mysterious black sheep (and hottie) Cooper–things seem to start looking up….at least until girls in the dorm begin to perish at an alarming rate.

Elevator surfing is the official explanation from university administration, but Heather has other suspicions, and, enlisting a reluctant Cooper's aid, she attempts to get to the bottom of the rash of teen deaths in the building where she works, never knowing that it isn't her supper she'll be singing for this time, but quite possibly…her life!

This is the first book in a new mystery series featuring Heather Wells that I'll be doing for Avon Books.

And yeah, I'm psyched about it. I always wanted to be a mystery writer (or a veterinarian).

Here is the US cover for AVALON HIGH, my other December 2005 release. Remember, it is a GOLD FOIL COVER (I am seriously trying to contain my excitement about my first GOLD FOIL COVER), so all the parts you see that are white here, will be BRIGHT SHINY GOLD (also, in the final copy, that pink band where my name is will be purple).

Nice, huh? You should see the gold. Here is the synopsis for AVALON HIGH:

Do you believe?

Avalon High seems like a typical suburban high school, attended by typical suburban students: There's Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. Marco, the troublemaker. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy.

But not everyone at Avalon High is who they appear to be…not even, as new student Ellie Harrison is about to discover, herself.

But Ellie is the only one who can put an end to the horrific chain of events that holds them all–Lance and Jennifer, Marco and Will, and even Ellie herself–intrinsically linked…a chain of events that, in the past, ended in ruin, and is destined to do so again….

…unless Ellie can stop it in time.

Finally, here is the cover for my May 2006 Princess Diaries novella (a novella is a short novel, like Princess Present or Project Princess) SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS:

This is the whole jacket (except the inside flap where it tells what happens. See how I cleverly cropped that out? I did that because I don't want you to know what happens in Sweet Sixteen before you know what happens in PD7, and I can't show you the US cover of PRINCESS DIARIES 7, because I lost the jpg somewhere on my hard drive and can't find where I put it.

But it's hot. Trust me).

In other news, I posted a long list of all the stuff I have coming out in the next couple of years over on the book club, but I'll do it again here, because I keep getting panicky emails, asking when the next Mediator book is coming out (sadly for these people, there is no next Mediator book. The Mediator series is over. There will, however, be new series starting up, as well as a conclusion to the 1-800-WHERE-R-You series to look forward to) or if PD6 is the last princess book (hint: it's not).

Here it is:

Upcoming books:

Holiday Princess, October 2005, YA illustrated guide to Christmas featuring Mia

Avalon High, December 2005, YA paranormal stand-alone

Size 12 Is Not Fat, December 2005, Adult comedy/mystery series

Princess Diaries 7, Party Princess, March 2006, YA series

Sweet Sixteen Princess, May 2006, YA Princess Diaries novella

Queen of Babble (formerly: Blabbermouth), July 2006, Adult comedy series

How To Be Popular, July 2006, YA comedy stand-alone

Valentine Princess, December 2006, YA Princess Diaries novella

Size 12 Is Not Fat 2 (title to come), January 2007, Adult comedy/Mystery series

Jinx, January 2007, YA paranormal stand-alone

1-800-Where-R-You 5, Missing You, January 2007, YA paranormal series finale

Princess Diaries 8 (title to come), March 2007, YA series

Queen of Babble in the Big City, July 2007, Adult comedy series

Tommy Sullivan Is a Freak, September 2007, YA comedy stand alone

Size 12 Is Not Fat 3 (title to come), January 2008, Adult comedy/mystery series

Princess Diaries 9 (title to come), March 2008, YA comedy series

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, July 2008, Adult comedy series

Princess Diaries 10, 11, and 12 to come.

Additional titles, available in the UK only:
Princess Diaries 2006 Engagement Calendar
Princess Diaries 2006 Annual

This is not set in stone, but this is the list as of today.

Just looking at this list makes me tired. Also, panicky about getting all these books done. So I am going to go do that now.

More later.

Much love,