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Tiara Time

Many, many thanks to the hostesses (and attendees, some of whom came from as far away as Nashville and Vincennes!) of the second annual celebration of Meg Cabot Day in Bloomington, IN. Although I could not be there, I heard the party was a huge success, and raised tons of money for Girls, Inc. Books were raffled off, cupcakes were eaten, and tiaras were worn…who could ask for a better day?

I am not allowed to show pics of minors on this site, so sadly I can't share any of the photos of the attendees of Meg Cabot Day, like Emily, Jolie, and Hayley, who all looked adorable. But here is a cute picture of the hostess, County Councilwoman Sophia Travis (right), with her good friend Catherine, who helped organize the event. Don't they look pretty in their princess dresses?

Anyway, it is always a lot of fun to have a new book come out, and I'm so excited all the people who attended this event were able to be a part of it! Thank you, princesses!

Meanwhile, the response to READY OR NOT has been great, and not just in Bloomington! I'm glad so many of you are enjoying it. Just to clarify a few things you've been asking me about the book, though:

–Yes, the bathtub faucet/handheld shower device thing really does work. I read about it in Cosmo (in fact, there is a mention of it in Cosmo almost every month. It's hard to miss). But I hope you all understand that we are talking about the WATER, not the faucet/device themselves. I don't want to hear about anyone injuring themselves on any pieces of plumbing. No skin on metal contact, please.

–No, I don't really hate Brittany Murphy. There are many things that my characters and I have in common, but also a lot of things that are just made up, like the Brittany thing. I happen to like Brittany Murphy—but I could see how she is someone who might irritate a person like Sam Madison. Sam is not the only one, though. I took an opinion poll on the Meg Cabot Book Club last summer while I was writing READY OR NOT, and you guys voted Brittany Most Hated Actress, hands down. So it's your own fault, really.

–No, I haven't heard from the White House yet as to whether they are rescinding my invitation to dine there in September due to my criticism of abstinence-only programs, which the current administration supports in spite of the fact that most doctors say they don't work as well as programs that include information on emergency contraception and birth control as well, and most studies
agree with them. If I do get to go, at least I know from these girls' experience to wear something a little dressier than flip flops.

–No, I don't think there'll be a third book featuring Samantha Madison. Then again, I'm the one who insisted there wouldn't be second one. So who knows?

In other news, people keep asking me what I've TiVo'd lately. You guys are sorely overestimating how fast electronic devices like TiVo get set up in my house. I only moved two months ago. Do you really think I have the TiVo set up yet? Or can even find the box it might be in? Puhlease.

So while my TV viewing has been drastically reduced, I am enjoying a few shows, such “Rescue Me” (love Denis Leary), and “Brat Camp” (shut up), and Kathy Griffith's “Life on the D List” (on Bravo—it hasn't started yet, but I WILL be enjoying it, when it does), and “Hell's Kitchen”, the reality show hosted by Gordon Ramsay (I ate in one of his restaurants when I was in London) about aspiring chefs.

In fact, living in a home with a foodie, about all we ever watch are food-related shows, such as Anthony Bourdain's “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel, a must-see lately. And of course “Giada's Italian Holiday” on the Food Network—she goes to the Trevi Fountain, my favorite place ever, and says it's the most romantic place in the world! I knew I was right.

In other TV news, did Marco really just kiss Craig on “DeGrassi”? Sweet. And how psyched are you for another round of “Super Sweet Sixteens” on MTV starting August 15? The best part about this new season is that these girls HAVE to have seen last season, so they HAVE to know how bratty some of those past girls seemed…and yet they're doing it anyway. And bragging that their parties are going to be even better than those other girls. Which just makes me go, “Honey, we HAVE to get the TiVo set up by August 15th!”

I watched the movie “Paparazzi” because I am a huge Robin Tunney fan—who didn't love her in “The Craft”? It seemed like “Paparazzi” could have been a lot better somehow—like maybe if we actually knew something about the main character's background, or Robin Tunney's character didn't just stand around crying through the whole thing–but it had some OK moments.

I also watched “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” which you have to be in a certain mood for (sort of like how you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy White Castle itself). But if you're in that mood, which I was, it's fantastic (sort of like White Castle). I'm thrilled that there's going to be a sequel.

As far as books go, I'm reading Sophie Kinsella's “The Undomestic Goddess,” which I love so far. Next, I'm going to read Jasper Fforde's latest, “The Big Over Easy,” the first in a new detective series about…nursery rhymes. Oh, well. I'm sure it will be good.

I really don't approve of this for obvious reasons, but I can't help going over there to look all the time. And then, as if by accident, this happened:

Hey! How did that get on Henrietta? Get it off of her!

Whatever. She liked it. No, really, I swear she did.

I have go work on my book now.

More later.

Much love,