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Well? Have you made your Meg Cabot Day plans yet? If you live in the Bloomington, Indiana area, here's a fun event you can attend:

(as seen in the Bloomington Herald Times):

Princess for a day

By Hayley Schilling
July 26, 2005

I believe every girl has an inner princess. More of my friends than would care to admit it have privately confessed to dreams of becoming royalty.

I once longed to attend Princess School or at least marry Prince William. In the real world, the idea of being a “princess” doesn't always come wrapped in a medieval fairy tale. Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries tell the story of a modern, teenage girl who is whisked away from her normal life to Princessland. She hits the jackpot, getting the kingdom, the guy, and, naturally, a complete makeover. Isn't this enough to make anyone question their lineage and look for a royal loophole?

Former Bloomington resident Meg Cabot is author of the popular Princess Diaries series and other “teen” novels. Ms. Cabot might not live in a castle or kingdom, but her stories bring dreams to life that many girls grow up believing. Her realistic characters give hope that anything is possible and that our lives should have no boundaries.

Saturday has been designated as “Meg Cabot Day” in Bloomington, the second annual day in her honor. There will be a fund-raising celebration from 2 to 4 p.m. at Tutto Bene, 213 S. Rogers St., organized by Monroe County Councilwoman Sophia Travis, a friend of Meg's.

Even though Ms. Cabot will not be able to attend, she's donated autographed copies of her books to auction in benefit of Girls Inc. In addition to the silent auction of Cabot book baskets and other donated items, there will be snacks and a “Princess” trivia quiz. It will be a royal occasion.

Now, it may not be in the stars for you to rescue the president, talk to ghosts, or transform from a high school dork into a princess like the characters in Ms. Cabot's books. But the lesson is powerful – it never hurts to dream. Grab your tiara and come on down to Tutto Bene for some fun, a reading celebration, and your chance to be “Princess for a Day”. . . on Meg Cabot Day.

Here are the details:

Meg Cabot Day!

Saturday, July 30th
2-4 pm

You're invited to:

Tutto Bene

Mothers, Daughters, Friends:
Celebrate your Inner Princess!

Signed Meg Cabot Books
Gift Baskets
In a Silent Auction & Raffle to benefit
Girls, Inc.

Meg is a Bloomington born author who believes in the empowerment of young girls and women; learn a little more about Meg this special day and chat with local writers and community-minded people!
Sisters of the Flying Fountain Pens:

Hayley Schilling, youth columnist of the Herald-Times, Kids Alive!

Michelle Henderson, advocate for Family Literacy and Young Writers

On Being Civically Engaged:

Catherine Dyar, Director of Annual Giving, IU Law School

Hostess, Sophia Travis, Monroe County Council and local musician


Snacks, Chef's Chocolate Creations
sparkling punch

So don't be shy! Show up and get YOUR signed copy of my new book, READY OR NOT, in addition to many other autographed items, while at the same time, supporting Girls, Inc, a very worthy cause.

Can't make it to the official Meg Cabot Day event in Bloomington, IN?
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And start planning your own Meg Cabot Day celebration!
All you need is a tiara, some feathers, and a smile (crawling around on the floor for a photographer optional):

More later.

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