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Princess in Training Tour Days 9-12


Seriously. It's a city plopped down in the middle of this valley (aka The Great Basin) surrounded by all these white-capped mountains. And, unlike almost every other city I have been to in my life, there was no graffiti along the highway from the airport.

I know. It freaked me out.

Also, the tap water tasted really good.

Anyway, I had a lovely time in SLC, despite the fact that my Book Tour Sore Throat Accompanied with Nasal Congestion turned into Laryngitis Accompanied With an Ear Infection and I could barely speak at my signings, or hear anything anyone was saying to me. Fortunately the folks at King's English had a sound system, or I'd have been in big trouble. And Utah natives don't seem to mind when you go, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” over and over again.

I did get a couple of emails from Utah natives who were offended by my suggestion that there might not be Tab in their state. This was not meant as a slight against you. As someone who has been drinking Tab all her life, I can assure you that there are MANY states in which Tab is not available. The last time I was in Annapolis, MD, for instance, I went to five different grocery stores, and not a single one carried Tab.

Keep in mind that, as a stranger to your state, I am not familiar with your ways, customs, and Coke product distribution practices. If you, for instance, were coming to Key West, I would tell you not to count on there being Tab in either the Winn-Dixie or Publix. Only the General Food Service consistently carries Tab.

Since no one wrote to tell me where I could get Tab in Utah, I just assumed it was hard to find.

Although Lisa M, a lovely girl who came to my signing, brought me a fantastic Tab t-shirt, for which I thank her profusely, as it is now the only clean article of clothing I own.
Numerous other Utah natives were extremely kind to me, including Stephanie G, who brought me a beautifully hand-decorated journal.

And how cool are Brooke and Becca Robison, two girls who've launched two very awesome programs, one to help bring toys for teens
and one to bring girls to space programs.

I'll tell you how cool they are…they're VERY COOL.

Anyway, I'm in Las Vegas now. I had a great signing at Barnes and Noble! Thanks VERY much to Melissa K and Jessica G for—what else?—cans of Tab, that they generously donated to feed my addiction.

And thanks to all the other readers who took time out to come to my various signings, donate dresses to the Cinderella Affair, and helped the Princess Diaries series to become the number 4 bestselling children's series in the country!

Now I'm taking a few days off for some much needed Rest and Relaxation. It is quite hard to relax when you have as runny a nose as I do, but I'm going to try. I'm sure I will look quite charming poolside here in Vegas with a big box of Kleenex next to me. But I will try not to breathe on any of you Nevadans and give you my germs.

More later.

Much love,