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Princess Diaries 6 Tour Days 7-8

Wow, so, whirlwind past couple of days. Let me see if I can keep it all straight. It's been kind of hard because I got the requisite Book Tour Sore Throat Accompanied by Nasal Congestion the other day, so I've been on Actifed ever since, which makes me kind of spacey, especially on top of the Dramamine I take for the planes, which is supposed to be non-drowsy formula, but isn't. Oh, and the lack of sleep from being in a strange bed in a strange town, which always causes me to wake up at three thirty AM convinced the caldera beneath Yellowstone is going to blow in the morning, just as I am flying across it, and then someone will hire some other writer to write the rest of the Princess Diaries and she'll make it all sappy and gross and I'll want to die all over again.

But here goes:

Thank you to the staff at Bound to Be Read back in Albuquerque for the totally cool tulip soap and the fun shopping journal! Thanks also to reader Kelsey M for the Sheroes bracelet!

And I stand corrected about both “Extreme Home Makeover” and Pat Sajak back in Kansas City:

From a Kansas City native:

“About Extreme Home Makeover: The firefighter dad risked his life to save that paramedic, and is a single parent of five children, two of which are adopted. But he didn't die, he's fine and saw the house when they finished, which I think was on Wednesday. All week people from my school have been going to the site and they used one of my teacher's woodshop as a backdrop for the How'd They Do That? part.

Also Pat Sajak's from Wheel of Fortune, which they're also shooting here either now or pretty soon. Kansas City's just a hoppin' place for the camera crews right now.”

Phew. Glad we got that straightened out.

Anyway, I did get to see the royal wedding—live, because I had to get up so early from my freaking flight to Phoenix. I give it an 8 out of 10. There wasn't much pageantry, but it was pretty tasteful. I thought Camilla's feather-thing was dumb-looking until I found out it was ostrich feathers dipped in gold and encrusted with crystals. The thing is, you couldn't tell that on TV. On TV, it just looked like she was channeling Little Hiawatha.

But it really is true that every bride is beautiful on her wedding day, since Camilla looked great. She and Charles seem really happy. Too bad about the murder of Charles's first wife, and all.

Anyway, after the wedding, I hopped on a plane from Albuquerque to Phoenix, breaking off the handle of my suitcase in the process. Obviously, the handle of the suitcase is the one part you really need. Besides the suitcase part. Otherwise, it's really hard to lift.

So I had to make an emergency trip to the mall to buy a new suitcase with Pierre, my media escort/driver/bodyguard.

At the mall we ran into a bunch of guys who were in town to play a celebrity game of basketball with the Phoenix Suns. I didn't recognize any of them except the guy who played Shaggy in “Scooby Doo,” the movie. He was really nice. He asked me how old I was and I made him guess and he guessed 26. I said, “Almost! I'm 28.”

“Scooby Doo” is now my second favorite movie after “The Princess Diaries.”

The other guys looked really familiar but for the life of me I couldn't place them. Maybe it was the Actifed. Or Dramamine. Or the caldera. Or most likely, all three.

Anyway, I had a lovely signing at Poisoned Pen, once we finally got there, due to the roads being blocked all over town because of the Iron Man race. Thanks to Miranda for the cool hand-painted tile, and to Meg for the hand-made crown and note. Also, thanks to Lauren for the Napoleon Dynamite Key Chain.

After the signing, we stopped by the rec center where the Cinderella Affair was giving away all the prom dresses I've been collecting throughout my tour, and which people have been donating throughout the year. It was so fabulous to walk into this huge room filled with nothing but prom dresses! There were so many beautiful dresses, and so many appreciative girls trying them on!

I got to meet a bunch of the volunteers associated with Cinderella Affair—they were so cool! Besides the teen volunteers, there were moms running around helping out, and a team of seamstresses right there, to fit girls into their dresses on site if they needed alterations. Everyone was so nice, and so excited to be there. I had apparently just missed several SCHOOL BUS loads of girls.

Anyway, it's a great organization. If you don't have a gently used prom dress to donate, you can still help out by donating money, because the folks at Cinderella Affair would like to have a permanent place in which to keep the dresses, where girls can go to get gowns not just for Prom, but Homecoming and Winter formal as well. Do help out if you can by going to their website (link above) and sending them some badly needed $ for a totally groovy cause…because every girl deserves to look like a princess!

The next day we drove to Tucson, where I had a fun signing at Borders. On the way, I saw an ostrich farm and some buttes.

Yes. It is a thrill a minute when you are out promoting a book.

Now I'm off to Salt Lake City. I have never been there before, so that should be an adventure. I am pretty much prepared for the fact that I won't find any Tab there.

But I will survive. Because that's the kind of girl I am, caldera or no caldera.

More later.

Much love,