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Princess in Training Tour Days 3-4

Things are looking up! I had two excellent signings here in St Louis, which I'm leaving today for Kansas City. Both signings were well attended, even the one that took place at the exact same time as the Final Four! It was a book tour miracle.

I was delighted to meet so many readers at the St. Louis Public Library Buder Library. They were all so nice, and two people even brought prom dresses to give to the Cinderella Affair. So thank you, ladies.

And seriously, I thought the big sign on the library door that said NO WEAPONS ALLOWED was quaint.

And the signing last night at the Ladue Barnes and Noble went great as well! I actually got gifts—a cool homemade diary from Maggie G, Claire K, Molly C, and Katie J, and a funky handprinted T shirt from—Oh, God, I lost your name! But you rock, T shirt girl!

I got a fun princess bracelet, as well.

But the coolest thing was how many prom dresses I saw on the rack by the door! Tons of them! Ladue, you rule! The Cinderella Affair people are going to be SO EXCITED when those dresses arrive. I am super proud of St Louis!

Thanks also to everyone who wrote to alert me about Britney's new reality show! Now I know why she never called. She can't leave Kevin—she's CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO STAY WITH HIM FOR SIX EPISODES. Maybe more, if their contract gets renewed. Poor Brit.

This information cheered me right up when I was feeling a bit blue the other day. Well, that and the fact that I happened to catch a bunch of episodes of Judge Judy. God, I love her. She is so FUNNY.

There is nothing funny, however, about today's news, that Monaco's Prince Rainier has died. As you know, the fictional country of Genovia was modeled on Monaco, so it is very sad to me that its prince is dead. Prince Albert, Rainier and his movie star wife Grace Kelly's son, will be taking over, and I so know how he must be feeling…a lot like Mia, actually. I hope he adopts her snail plan for the killer algae problem at the bottom of Monaco's bay before it's too late.

I have probably already mentioned this, but when I was a kid, like 7, our family went to Monaco, and when we toured the palace museum, the tour guide figured out we were American and was SO EXCITED, because the museum had just received a gift from then President Richard Nixon—tiny moon rocks!

Which the tour guide showed us all excitedly, before they were even officially on display, in their little white box. I've never forgotten the sight of those tiny rocks from the moon…and that's how I got the idea for the birthday gift Mia gives Michael in Princess Diaries 4!

I just called down to room service to order breakfast and the guy who answered the phone went, “Wait, don't tell me. Room 809? You want scrambled eggs, bacon, Earl Grey tea with milk, half a grapefruit, and two Diet Cokes. Right?”

It is a little disheartening when the room service waiter knows you that well.

In other news, everyone is saying the Lifetime movie ODD GIRL OUT was really good, so I have to watch that when I get home!!!

And I'm reading a new book, RIVER OF DARKNESS by British author Rennie Airth, which is about a serial killer loose in the English countryside in the 1920s. Good stuff.

For some reason reading about people trying to solve the mystery of how all these villagers keep getting bayoneted makes me feel really happy.

Now I'm watching a cool show about how dogs can help autistic kids, by keeping them from running into the road and making them come out of their shell a little. Good stuff.

Room service just came. The waiter went, “Why are you staying here when all you do is type on a computer all day?”

To which I replied, “I go out at night.”

And he said, “Oh.”

Now that he's gone, I realize this was a totally weird conversation to have. I mean, I know he knows what I mean—that I work on my computer in my hotel room all day, then go out at night.

But it doesn't tell him WHY I'm here in a hotel, or WHAT I go out at night to do. For all he knows, I could be a vampire.

Thank God I am checking out today, and leaving on a plane for Kansas City. He is probably stringing garlic up in the kitchens right now.

More later.

Much love,